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  1. hello to my floridian nurses, could you please give me some advice on my job/school/housing search in florida. my boyfriend(soon-to-be-fiance, i hope) and i are leaving for florida this weds, feb 16. i'm scared and excited all at once. i'm looking for some good tips, advice, well-wishes, prayers etc. don't forget to tell me about the caveats as well(ya have to take the bad with the good). we'll be in the tampa area, looking to relocate there this summer after i take my boards in boston. i'm familiar with the florida board process for getting my license. looking forward to meeting some good ol' warm and friendly folk!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Moving in the summer really sucks because it's so hot, Have fun with that.
    It's such a different change and atmosphere, the people I've met from Boston either hate it here or love it. I was friends with a guy this summer who left after three months because we were so unfriendly, backward and "I don't like the way you do things down here". Whatever that means.

    Anyway, best wishes to you. We're going to have nice warm weather in the mid-70s for you. (Remember this when you arrive in the summer, the summer heat is the price we pay for February's in the mid-70s).