JOB OFFER...need advice

  1. Hello all...

    I have 3 years nursing experience in acute care and just changed to nursing home. I've been there for 2 months and will just be off orientation this week.

    I was told last night that I am being considered for a nurse manager position on a sub acute floor. I'm told that I am qualified because I'm one of very few with a four year degree, the DON doesn't even have one.

    I'm intrigued at a challenge but have never managed before, and don't know the first thing about it. I dont' want to get in over my head...but I don't want to get bored passing meds. Long term care is its own animal with regs...I'm not naive in understanding that I could be overwhelmed.

    BUT its a new challenge and a new experience...advice please?
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  3. by   NewRN2008
    i would discuss it with the "luv" you just moved in with. fig out maybe what your long term plans are together. what do you like to do more? some ppl are meant to work with LTC, but some just know they are not. are you the type that just would "put up" with work to have the job and hours and ect.. compared to the probably acute care situ...i would definitly think long term for sure...
    good luck with your decision!
  4. by   ASSEDO
    Having a 4 year degree may qualify one on paper to be a manager but it doesn't qualify one to be a leader. You have to know the difference, and be a leader. Empower and educate your employees, and treat them with dignity. I have seen master degrees fail at this, and associate degrees get it right. However, you can't know unless you try. If you don't make it, have the dignity to step down. Good Luck!!
  5. by   RN1989
    You need to look at what you want out of life. Management generally means 24/7 accountability for your for your staff. If someone calls in sick, guess who ends up working? Plus you have to complete all your management paperwork in addition to working as staff. I am concerned about why they want to promote you so soon. Sounds to me like they have difficulty getting/keeping people, that is usually the case when they start giving you the flattery. Especially when you are so new. Beware before you let their flattery go to your head. Know what you want before you say yes and get into something you aren't prepared for or don't want to do in the end.
  6. by   CaseManager1947
    Beware the trojan horse. RN1989 is correct... leading is not bossing, nor is it doing paperwork (though we all know it involves that). You do have 24/7 accountability for your area, whether you are there or not. If you are just getting off orientation, you may want to consider thinking long and hard about taking an "upgrade" so to speak. I can hear it now "she's only been here 3 months, how can she know how we do it here!!?" or "she's too young to be our boss". The other trap in this situation, is managing those who were your previous co-workers. I stepped into that role once, it is NOT easy. Good Luck !
  7. by   tara.danley
    Thank you all...I have some thinking to do. Funny thing is that my nursing school class of 2004 had drilled into us that we were expected to assume leadership roles as nurses. We are leaders...I need to decide if I want that accountability...and the possibility of failure as well. I have big city charge nurse experience and I understand that doesn't translate to leadership. (3 years in boston man, it aged me) Thanks a bunch...I keep you updated..