Job interview questions

  1. Can you please give me some ideas on WHAT I SHOULD ASK the nurse manager (or whoever) when I go to a job interview.
    I am afraid I will be so nervous I will forget what to ask.
    I know I should ask; patient/nurse ratio, job desc, shifts, but what are some other critical questions I should ask.
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  3. by   bassbird
    here are some questions i asked at my interviews. i collected these from a number of sources and don't take credit for coming up with them :wink2:

    interview questions

    1. what is the patient to staff ratio?

    2. what is the minimum and maximum number of patients a nurse will be assigned?

    3. what is the turnover rate of the staff on that particular floor?

    4. what type of personnel support should the nurse expect on any given shift? for instance, what is the required minimum and maximum number of nursing assistants or techs per shift on the floor?

    5. what is the minimum number of nurses staffed per shift?

    6. does the hospital have a mandatory overtime or float policy? how is it determined who will work overtime or float where?

    7. is there a required formal orientation program? if so, how long, who conducts it, will this person(s) be willing and available when orientation or preceptorship is over? you may want to ask to see a sample copy of their orientation program.

    8. education reimbursement

    9. what are the opportunities for on-the-job education?

    10. bsn completion

    11. credit for ba

    12. "what type of personal qualities make someone excel in this position?" (they loved this question!)

    13. parking fees and availability

    14. how does management handle patient complaints? how does it handle employee complaints? what are the formal processes for these?

    good luck!

  4. by   faith@30
    Thanks.. . . .
    those are really good questions.
    What does 'bassbird" stand for? Just curious.
  5. by   OC_An Khe
    The interview process is a two way street. the prospective employer is evaluating you for hire and you are interviewing the employer to see if it meets YOUR standards and requirements. The above post gave you some goods questions for the nurse manager on the unit you are applying for. DO write down your questions and take it with you. Don't forget to ask the Human Resources dept. about benefits, salaries, how pay raises are awarded, etc.
    Good luck
  6. by   bassbird
    My nickname is Bird (for Roberta) and bass is because I play bass guitar (see my avatar).