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  1. Yesterday I had a job interview. It last about 45 minutes. There were 3 nurse managers interviewing me and I think I did quite well. They said I am definetly qualified. When they asked me a question I answered right away. One question was about the discharge planning for the patient. I think I provided an answer that they were looking for. They wanted me to say that I would call the social worker to arrange rehab, snu, home-health, or home without home-health.

    I felt pretty good about it until one of the managers said they had 14 other nurses they were interviewing for the same position and they would let me know something in 2 weeks. Will I get the job or not????????
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  3. by   mentalhealthRN
    Really there is no way to know. All you can do is wait.......sorry. Good luck.
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    Well, just don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

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  5. by   IknowIcanRN
    I interviewed for a position, was asked to shadow on the unit. I waited six weeks for the HR department to let me know whether I had the job or not. I called twice during that time and they had no answer for me. I called back a third time, and the position had been filled. They didn't even bother to let me know. Based on my experience I would keep on applying and interviewing, and be sure to call them back.
  6. by   dazyRN
    I just sent them a thank you note. Is that appropriate? I am so anxious. I really do want this job.
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    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I am interviewing and thought this may be a good place to ask. I had a second interview with the manager and 4 floor nurses. One of the nurses looked familiar but I couldn't place her. I found out today that she is the wife of one of my husband's employees. Should she have excused herself from the interview?? Thanks
  8. by   Goldenhare
    Oh dazyRN!! Yes, a thank you ote is ALWAYS appropriate!! Hope you get the job!!