Job Hunting

  1. i had a question about looking for my first rn nursing job. i will be graduating in may 20, 2007 ( :spin: pary over here!!). ok back to my question.... when should i start applying for jobs, before or after i take and pass nclex? i have definitely began looking at several job announcements for the hospitals i am interested in working at, i am in the process of sprucing up my resume', and i have scheduled to attend a few open houses. any responses are appreciated.
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  3. by   BGgirl
    I'd say in the next couple of months I'd start interviewing for jobs. Hardly anyone waits until they take the NCLEX to start looking for a job. If you have a certain area you want to go into and wait too long, all the jobs will be gone. I waited til April I believe and the only jobs open were med-surg which I ended up taking a job in. It's not exactly what I initially wanted to do but I've stuck it out for almost 3 years now.
  4. by   SCRN1
    I applied before graduation and was hired, pending passing the NCLEX. I applied and interviews during my last semester and my starting date was about 3 months after graduation so that would give me time to take the NCLEX and receive my license.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    If your graduation is scheduled for May 2007, I would start completing the job applications and sending out the resumes in late March or throughout the month of April. Good luck with your journey to finding work!
  6. by   jamonit
    i graduate in february, and i interviewed this month and landed the job of my dreams in the PICU, great new grad program. if i were you, in march, get all your stuff into the state board of nursing, get your fingerprints done, pay the fees, fill out all paper work, and then before you graduate, apply online to pearsonvue, as they are the NCLEX test guys. they give you your ATT, as long as the board has all your stuff in (transcripts can take a while, as can fbi finger print card processing. interview 2-3 months before, find out which hospitals offer the best new grad programs, do your research, hopefully land a job prior to graduating....i take NCLEX during my new grad program, so that's the next load of stress...preparing for it and what not. but i feel happy and secure that i have a job all lined up and i still have 3 weeks left of school. phhhhewwww....

    good luck with all!