Job Hopping...again

  1. Well, I'm throwing in the towel! I have decided I am totally sick of being s supervisor, it is a thankless job, and even though I try very hard to make everyone happy, it is never enough. I am also sick of carrying 3 beepers everywhere I go on the weekend, and working every weekend!

    I swallowed my pride and contacted my old HH agency, the one I left b/c they dissed me for a supervisor spot. I saw they had an ad for $30 per hour to work 3 out of 4 weekends, heck, I like working weekends in HH, none of the daily BS, and now I can take a weekend off once a month!! I will be able to supplement that, in the summer only, for $24 per hour on days, or with either of the 2 staffing agencies I work for, one I am orienting to a rehab hosp next week, and the other is where I do ICU and CT ICU/CCU work. I prefer to leave ICU behind. I am at a point in my career where it hurts me to keep 80+ year olds on a vent. Not everyone is an "old" eighty, and not all ICU pt's are old, but for God's sake, aren't we all supposed to die somtime?? I am hoping the rehab can give me enough hours, b/c I am seriously burned out from ICU nursing!!

    Anyway, they tried to bamboozle me into not taking the 2 weekends in a row of my pre-scheduled vacation, the first vaca in 6 years for us! So, I simply said, well, then let's delay my start date to mid-August, in keeping with your "cycle." Quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, they decided it would be fine as a pre-employment arrangement (NO kidding!) For crying out loud I was certain to start 3 weeks before I wanted to leave, and am working 3 weeks after that! I get no bennies at all, no sick or vaca, so I have to work a lot of extra time before and after my vaca just to break even, what more do they want?? I do get one interesting bennie, full tuition reimbursement, which is only up to $2500 per year, maybe one master's course, possible 2 a year. Since they are paying, I will go for the masters...eventually. Though I wonder what is the point, since I already know I never want to be a supervisor, but may I could be an educator on the weekdays when my kids are grown.

    Well, I have to tell you, making this decision has lifted my spirits immensely!! I have been cooking ancient Greek recipes all day for my daughter's school project, and I go into school tomorrow to help serve. I'm off to play (wrestle) with phyllo dough and feta cheese!
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  3. by   grnvillechick
    dear oh my did you vent or what??? isn't this a great place to though??? i think you did the right thing...what kind of nurse can we be to our pts if we do not take care of ourselves...and i think job hopping is overrated anyway...they say in your first 7 years as a will change jobs at least 4 stop beating yourself up over it. i do have one tiny suggestion seem caring(agree with the 80 yo vent pts..and yes critical care is tough at times) but what have you done for yourself lately?? do you treat yourself to a pedicure or a massage??? do you take time out just for you and do something that is fun and relaxing??? if you it..if you haven't...begin now...take care of sound like a sweet nurse who is simply stretched thin at's to sending you good vibes your way...ommmmm ommmm
  4. by   hoolahan
    My, my, my, I hope I can figure out how to reply!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement g-chick! No, I haven't pampered myself in an incredibly long time!! But maybe I will start this summer.

    I have job hopped q 6-7 months in the last 3 years. My in-laws just laugh when I tell them, my husband and kids just groan now. Oh well, gotta do what I gotta do. As soon as the kids are grown, I'll do the M-F thing, but I'd rather be home when they get home, and off when they are off from school, except the weekends of course, but Dad is home then.

    Thanks again, yes, I needed to vent!!
  5. by   maryb
    I can sympathize with the groaning husband. I worked at a hospital 3-11 while in nursing school, completing a total of 8 years there including my time after graduating. Then, for a lot of reasons, I left. I met my husband after leaving, and moved to where he was and eventually married him. I think in the first 3 years of our marriage, I went through 5 or 6 jobs trying to find one that I could live with. I think my husband had a difficult time believing I had worked anywhere for 8 years. Every time I came home with "that look" on my face, he got this look like he wanted to go hide somewhere.
    The good news? I've been in my current position (outside of nursing) for two years, and my husband is still hanging in there with me despite the rough start. He's a peach
    Hoolahan, hang in there. Even if you have to job hop for a while, the right job eventually turns up. Just keep looking. I sent a resume to a job I thought I probably had a snowball's chance of getting, and here I sit.
  6. by   hoolahan
    Thanks Maryb, at least I know I'm not alone.

    Anytime I come home and say...this job blows....My husband rolls his eyes and goes, "Here we go again." LOL! I swore I would stick this one out for a year, but after this past weekend, I just can't do it.

    My main problem is having to choose from any job I want, and there are many I really want and could do well, and the one that works for my family's best interests. Once again I sacrifice what I want for what is best. That isn't bitterness talking, believe me, I do it with love. It does hurt to see the want ads with all the really good jobs pass me by. I realize this makes things worse, so I am swearing off reading the want ads for a year, then maybe I won't be tempted to leave and go elsewhere too!!
  7. by   maryb
    Hoolihan, it's almost impossible to swear off want ads...
    Now that I'm happy in my job, I read the want ads for my husband's field (computers), and tell him about all the great jobs HE could get....drives him nuts! But, I'm starting to wear him down. He works for the local hospital, and is just as underpaid and overworked as the nurses are.
  8. by   catlady
    Margaret, I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't seem to stay still these days! I'm on my fourth job in four summers (did agency work in between, and hospital work before that), and I'm only sticking to this one because I've only been there two months and my resume is starting to look like Swiss cheese!

    Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get what you want. I made the mistake once of choosing job over family, and that decision will haunt me to my grave.....
  9. by   RNed
    There is nothing wrong with job hopping. When we find that job that suits us, we will keep it until it changes or we change and it no longer serves a purpose.

    This is one of the things that is so "great" about nursing. We have a vast supply of opportunity if we choose to exercise it. Nursing is changing in pay, responsibility, and job expectations.

    At one time there was no hiring bonus, now one hospital offers $5,000 and next year the other offers $10,000. Loyality is a good thing, however, the hospitals need to demostrate how loyal they are to their staff. If they want to keep and maintain loyal staff they must be willing to go the extra mile to do such.

    Employee turnover is a measured reflection of job satisfaction and loyality. When turnover is high, administration must look for causes and repairs to that turnover. We as nurses receive the benefit of that review and correction.

    We should all continue to exploit this opportunity. Sure there is a negative connotation to job hopping. However, I choose not to comment about that. There are negatives to everything. In this case I choose to remain positive.

    I believe nursing is "due" for a review, with increases in pay. We are in a changing environment and we should manipulate it as much as possible for our benefit. Job hopping is a reflection of nursing employment. For once, let the administrators solve the problem and we should continue to remind them that it is "their" problem, not ours.

    We have spent to much time solving "their" problems. Now, it is their turn.

    Just thinking out loud !
  10. by   hoolahan
    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, all good things. Ned, you are sooooo right!!
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    I changed jobs several jobs last year, before I finally settled into a non-clinical job at an insurance co. It was either that or quit nursing alltogether. I miss the patient contact, but not wearing beepers around my neck 24/7!