Job apps -- how long until response?

  1. I've got a few job applications in to various big city hospitals for positions that I'm well qualified for. In your experience, what's a reasonable amount of time to wait before I can expect to hear anything? At what point should I be trying to follow up with HR?
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  3. by   raindrops1234
    Where I am it is about 3-4 weeks after the closing date. Usually states on the posting.
  4. by   Coffee Nurse
    Hm, interesting. All of the openings I've applied to seem open-ended, none of them have posted closing dates.
  5. by   cleback
    They could be continuously recruiting positions. They could also be already filled and just not taken down. Honestly, it's a poop shoot. I'd give it a week before contacting hr.
  6. by   cayenne06
    Often, you won't hear back until months later, if at all. In my experience. Better to find a human inside the organization to get your name up to HR. Otherwise you are just one in a stack of probably hundreds.