1. Can someone please explain something-I am getting ready to graduate and as I apply(or attempt to)all positions require exp only,How does one get experience if noone will hire someone without it???????????????????????????????
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  3. by   KatWright
    Where do you live? How many hospitals are within a half hours drive.

    What area of nursing do you want to work in? There are alot of hospitals that offer internships for new grads. They are even offering them in ICU, ER, L&D, OR, Peds.

    Do you get Nursing Spectrum? Don't just look in the local paper. Call the recruiters at the hospitals, go to job fairs, talk to the counselor at school.

    Start gathering letters of recommendations from teachers, preceptors, places that you have worked in the past.

    Talk to the boss on the unit that you do your clinicals at, see what they have to offer, especially since they are getting to know you.

    Apply for a job as a tech in the local hospital. Maybe you can orient over Christmas break. it gives you a foot in the door. And for goodness sake, if you do get hired as a tech or nurses assistant, be on time (or a few minutes early...5-10), don't call in sick, be available to help out on occasion if they call you (sometimes if you can work a few hours it helps ALOT)

    Ask around, show enthusiasm, let people know that you are interested!!!

    Just a few ideas
  4. by   P_RN
    Listen to KAT. What she said is perfect. Good luck. I know you will do well.
  5. by   lvnmom
    Thanks guys-I just did not know this would be so hard with the nursing shortage and all.I think it also has to do with the fact that I am an LPN/VN and not an RN.Why do people look down on us?My school was hard too.....I do plan to go back and get my RN but needed to work now!I live in TX and there are three hospitals nearby that I did clinicals at so I am going to start talking to them this week..I'll let ya know,take care and HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!
  6. by   nur20
    I hear Texas pays well too. Some places welcome new grads, even offering incentives. Your first job may not necessarily be in a hospital. Search other areas, just start somewhere and work towards where you want to be. As you might know or will find out some hospitals do not employ L.V.N.'s like they used to, but then some are beginning to regret that decision and trying to reverse it. They is why i say search other areas such as LTC, AGENCY etc. until you get some experience under your belt. Get certified in all you can such as IV, and other areas, this will give you an edge. I'll bet the next time you talk with us you will be working. Best of luck and HAPPY HOLIDAYS PS.. Don't worry about people lookng down on you. the trick is not to look down on yourself.You can't be responsible for the stupidity of others
  7. by   RNKitty
    When I graduated 5 years ago, the PNW hospitals had been in layoffs for 3 years and no-one wanted to even look at new grads let alone precept one. No-one would even let me volunteer due to insurance reasons. I noticed that the girl drawing my blood at the military hospital was a volunteer who was sponsored by the American Red Cross. I went to the ARC office and signed up, volunteered 4 months full time on the L&D unit at the Madigan Army Medical Center, then they hired me! I lost the wages but gained the experience. If I had been able to relocate, I would have, but c'est la vie!