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Has JCAHO visited your facility recently? Any tips on what they are focused on ... I know they are big on pain management, medication errors . we are going to have ours this week ..Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    If they want their surveys to mean anything they should be unannounced. I think all those organizations are a joke. Magnet, Joint, none of it means anything if you work in a facility that is poorly run and puts profits before patients. If they ask me anything I tell them the truth: "We are understaffed. I feel it is more important to take care of my ill patients than fill out some form your organization feels is important." Needless to say they schedule me off when the suits from oint are there...
    You speak like me, fedupnurse. One hospital I use to work at always scheduled me off when they were expected to come because they didn't trust what I would tell them if asked. Smart on their part because I wouldn't have held back one iota. :chuckle
  2. by   Huq
    I agree that surveys should be unannounced, but as I said in a previous post JCAHO charges a fee...pretty hefty fee.....I cannot imagine any corporation saying "Plesae come in unannounced and here is your big fat check"

    JCAHO surveys are not mandatory (yet)
    I think by 2006 the whole concept of unannouced will sail off into the sunset.
    This is a great shame, but the almighty dollar will win out.
  3. by   angelbear
    Why is it that the higher ups always seem to know when state is coming. Do they have some sort of code between DON's where they tell eachother when state is in the area. I wish they would just pop in too. When I worked at the NH you could instantly tell when state was in house cause absolutely everyone was on the floor answering call lights, filling ice pitchers, putting people on bed pans. It was amazing to see all these office people hit the floor just as though this was how it always is. Are these people stupid? I even had a DON come back to my unit and take the staffing book right out from under my nose go into an office and bring it back out completely different than it was when she took it. Ya know the normal 2 aids on 3rd suddenly became 4. It was all on paper why cant they pop in and check who is actually there. Oh well one can dream.