J-tube use? Clueless!! - page 2

I floated the other night and had a patient with a j-tube, which I havn't dealt with since lab in nursing school. What is the best most basic routine for giving meds through the tube (they were... Read More

  1. by   kellyjrn
    Hi there... Canoehead, I just wanted to let you know that I do call the pharmacist before dissolving meds in the boiling water...there are a few I haven't been able to do that with, but most you can, they said long term exposure to heat may ruin them, but as long as you dissolve, then add the cooler water, it's all good!! But I recommend to check on any new med you haven't done that with before to check with pharmacy...thanks for bringing that up!!
  2. by   misti_z
    Thanks for sharing all the knowledge. Great refresher.
  3. by   needluck
    Another question on peg tubes, can the crushed pill form meds be administered with liquid meds at the same time? We don't have a policy for separate med administration, but curious about liquid and pills together. Any one out there know?? Thanks!!
  4. by   bklynborn
    and what about checking for placement