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A cardiologist stated "It's your fault he died" to the ICU nurses because we had no empty (staffed) bed when the patient needed transferred to ICU from the floor. The patient came to us and coded 20... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    Let's not tar and feather ALL MDs because of a few or even one. ALL neurosurgeons are not arrogant. ALL cardiologists are not hateful.

    If we heard a doc say ALL nurses are ***** fill in the blank, we'd be the first to holler!

    It's a shame that this doc projected his own failure on the nurse. In psych we learned the "kick the dog" response. Unfortunately this nurse was the first he saw. There are poor coping skills on his part. He needs to be reported.
  2. by   hoolahan
    Just wanted to clarify this sentence again from my post...

    "Many doc in these depts,but certainly not all, are a-holes!"

    I am speaking from my personal experience only.
  3. by   JennieBSN
    sorry for the late reply...been on vacation...but just had to reply to this one.

    i worked in nicu. neonatologist king a**hole of the universe was the medical director. believed in saving anything w/a pulse, even if the kid had no lungs, jell-o for a brain, no skin, get the picture. anyhoo, at a staff meeting, this butthead actually said (and i quote...), 'these babies (22-23 weekers...) are dying because the nursing staff don't believe they'll live.'

    uh, exsqueeze me? a baking powder?? yeah, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. my resignation went in the next day.

    zee, if i were you, i would be sooooooooooo out of there. my resignation would be flying into my nm's hands. and i would tell him/her exactly why i was leaving. i can only hope and pray this cardiologist gets a very embarassing, itchy, tenacious rash on his genitals in the next few days.

    bleah. get outta there, man.
  4. by   leesonlpn
    I wonder how he treats his mom
  5. by   BeeStrong
    Definitely report this guy. It needs to be written up for administration and QA to make a difference. Nurses' fault because the hospital does not attract, retain enough staff? What hogwash. And if you had six patients, the guy would have died anyway, and it would still be your fault because you couldn't do twenty things at once. Blowing up in his face does nothing and neither does resigning. Reporting his comments will bring the issue back to him via administration which needs to know this kr**p is going on. He probably went and complained to administration himself, so they need to know your side.

    Years ago I saw a Dr. accuse a resp therapist of killing a pt. The dr. had TOLD the therapist on the phone to adjust the pts trach. The therapist told the dr. she could not do that. (I was on the other line and heard the whole exchange). When the pt died, (after chest tube insertion, code, the whole nine yards) the dr. came to the rt and told her " now I have to go and tell that family that YOU just KILLED their mother". The therapist asked her (female dr.) what she was talking about. dr. said" you adjusted her trach" and the therapist with us nurses supporting her said" No, dr., I told you I could not do that, I am not allowed to do that" The therapist then called the administrator of the hospital to come in to the hospital (actually she asked the supv. to call the administrator) It was 11 pm at noc.

    The dr was not aware that there were two other nurses listening to the phone order because we had been warned by others about this particular dr. She had to apologize to the therapist and admin. made a policy we had to get two nurses to listen to this particular orders because clearly this dr.could not be trusted. Was the dr. disciplined? Of course not. Was the dr. fired? of course not. The dr. eventually left the hospital but is probably still practicing her particular brand of "medicine". Like that dr. swango who got away with killing pts for years and years because the administrative medical system covers very well for its docs. Make an incident report which has to go to the hospital's attorney and keep a copy for case the other gets "Lost". Hang in there. We know how tough things can get, but the only way to make changes happen is to stick together.