its a power trip

  1. I think your problem is about the will to power vs. the will to service situation,please see my pos regarding this subject.
    P.S.,You did good.
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    Did I miss something???

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    Scotty - better energize this one
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    It's psychology so it doesn't need a point,or even a conversation to be part of.

    This is Latent Quasi-schizophrenic Impulse 2nd to failure to thrive brought about by unresolved crisis in adolescense.

    To put it in layman's terms: When the Facts of Life and Full House were both cancelled by thier networks,the subject observed the great void in thier lives and .......................well,just freaked,snapped,went kook-coo for coaco puffs.

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    Peeps - Is there some kind of way I could subscribe to your words of wisdom? Like, a "thought-for-the-day by Peeps" delivered to my mailbox everyday?

    You're a riot :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle

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    I decided Maslow had it right on, even about nursing. Take care of the bod, take care of the rent, take care of the fam, and then give to others. Any of these needs unmet = one distracted nurse.
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    Thank you for inquiring about a subscription to the "Peeps Daily Post".

    When the "circulation" reaches double digits our PR department will expedite that.

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    I was going to reply to ohbet and say WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

    But I decided to reply to Peeps and say... :chuckle