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I am just wondering if this is legal. At the LTC where I work, over the holiday's there is a sign posted that states, From Dec 23-Jan 3 you will not be allowed to call in sick. If you are ill,... Read More

  1. by   donmurray
    Not all of Europe is so strict. UK allows the first 7 days illness as a self-certificate, then a medical cert. if still unwell. Any caring manager may contact you to ask how you are, but not to the point of harassing you back to work.

    I really thought at first that you had been suckered by a spoof memo similar to one we have circulating, which disallows medical certificates, on the grounds that if you are fit enough to get to the Dr. then you are fit to work, and that your own death is only allowed after first giving 2 weeks notice, so you can first orient your replacement! I knew that some States' labour laws were harsh, but this is unbelievable!
  2. by   lynn1967
    I will be contacting someone who can give me the scoop on what the laws are about this. Unfortunately, the holiday's are over, so NOW it's okay to call in without coming in! My DON did not talk to me today about the "scheduling miscommunication," he was too busy in meetings today so I'm sure I will have a disciplinary action coming tommorow. Oh well, after I graduate I will be seeking employment elsewhere.
  3. by   deespoohbear
    originally posted by badbird
    too bad the entire group of employees didn't call off all at once, that would teach them a lesson.

    i like your style of thinking....and i would be the one leading the charge at my facility.....:d
  4. by   maureeno
    aside from the poor treatment and lack of respect for staff... I wonder what the facility {LTC} is doing risking sick people coming on site and possibly exposing patients. Is there an ombudsperson or patient advocate [county or state] to contact about this?
    originally posted by gomer
    illegal, no. stupid, yes.

    as long as the rule applies to all employees the employer is within their rights to set the rules. (assuming the rules are non-discriminatory with regards to sex, race, age, etc.)

    and, the fmla doesn't apply unless as it must be applied for and approved in advance.
    gomer probably is right in saying it's not long as the rules apply to all. unfortunately, so many people abuse their sick time (& it's always the same ones ) that keep calling-out on weekends, fridays/mondays, the day before/after their scheduled day-off...not caring how they've left their co-workers short handed...time & time again . there's always that someone willing to push the envolpe if given the chance to work the system...we all know at least one. this type pattern...constantly calling-out... naturally spell-over into the holiday season & facilities like this have to try & keep a handle on both the employees who do show-up will be effected as well as the residents. as long as there're irresponsibly-selfish people whom continue to abuse the system thereby creating this type of situation, there will be a need for such stupid rules i'm afraid.

    now i think that telling the employees that they have to physically come to the facility when calling-out during the holiday is indeed over-the-top . a physician's note should be sufficient after three or four consective days of being out. where i work, one can call-out every day for up to five days straight & it is considered one occurance or absence. but if someone calls out say on a monday, return to work tuesday & call-out again on wednesday, then that is considered two occurances or absences. if there's a pattern of call-outs around the weekends or days-off/holidays, then employees are given verbals, then they're written-up & after an extended period of this pattern along with enough write-ups are employees fired.

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