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I had an HIV patient who's new dialysis catheter bled out all afternoon. We held pressure for 2 hours until we could get FFP's in him.. Well anyways one of the nurses got some blood on her shirt and... Read More

  1. by   TigerGalLE
    The tunneled catheter had been placed earlier in the day. From radiology he went to dialysis where they gave him heparin. He was bleeding around the insertion site. Developed a huge hematoma right up by his neck! It was awful looking. Scared it would compromise airway. He started to bleed around 1500.. I redressed the site... Bleeding again at 1600, held pressure 15 min, redressed and it stopped.. around 1700 it started bleeding again and we held pressure until I left at 2100. We were in the process of giving 3 units FFP's when I finally was able to chart and leave. His PTT ended up being >100 by the way.