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Like I said in a previous thread. I am going on my 2nd interview for a hospital job and they have given me a "sample" medication test and one of the questions is this: You calculated a dosage of... Read More

  1. by   RosalindRN
    the answer is all of the above except give the medication. You actually as a NURSE do all these things at the same time without even thinking about it. If I get a med that requires me to give 40 tabs, I look back at the order while holding the med. And while Im looking at the ordered dose I am also checking the available dose from pharmacy because MAYBE they only have 1mg tabs (not likely). And I have taken NCLEX classes that say if you get a choice to do one or more of the Right thing, then you go with that answer. This is tricky but if you think about how you practice, you really do these things all at the same time.
  2. by   shortlittleRN
    Quote from truern
    I'd say recheck my calculation if the first attempt came up with some outlandish amount. Shouldn't you double check calculations anyway?
    but if you recalculate, you must first hold the med. LOL
  3. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    you calculated a dosage of medication to be 40 tablets of lasix. what do you do next?
    a) double check the order with the physician
    b) recalculate the order
    c) give the medication
    d) hold the medication
    e) all of the above
    f) all except c

    i think some of you all are really reading way into the question...when it's really an easy question (in my opinion). the answer is b. (the moment you start thinking into this question, that's when you will get it wrong.) if i, as a competent nurse, were to calculate a dosage and come up with 40 tablets....the first thing to do would be to calculate it again. period. like a previous poster said, you don't give 40 pills of anything, so c is obviously wrong. answer d would be wrong, because you would not just hold needed medication from a patient (especially a drug like lasix). i believe the test writer meant 'hold' as in not giving the med at all. question a would be wrong because before you calculate any meds to give, you should have already checked the physicians order to make sure that it is a safe prescription for the client to begin with.

    i agree with are all being distracted into thinking a little too much in this question.