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You all probably don't remember this, but I was terminated from school back in May for failing the foley check-off. Well I went back July 9th. Today I was terminated for good for failing to wear... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    I'll never forget (nor forgive) my ICU instructor who told me that if she had the power, she'd make sure I didn't graduate. I put up with her bullying for 4 weeks, but one day, I'd had it.

    When she started in on me, I said, "Go ahead and fail me...I still have the classroom and clinical GPA to graduate." Man, I hated that witch...this was 18y ago, but it feels like yesterday.

    I had another instructor that used to rattle me, and then I'd make dumb mistakes. Finally, I went to her privately and told her that her manner with me was making it impossible for me to concentrate. She actually apologized and backed off.

    I think you need to find another school. Isn't it amazing, here we are on the cusp of a severe nursing shortage, and yet we still have instructors playing these petty, immature games. No wonder the nursing profession can't get any respect.
  2. by   JonRN
    Oh Boy what a mess!!! This is terrible what happened to you. I don't think you would have made that error if you had been taught right, evidently your instructors didn't stress enough how important infection control is before you were allowed to touch a patient. When I was in school, the edge of the sheet I was using touched the floor, I was unsure if it did or not so I threw it in the linen hamper and got another one before making the patient's bed. A new post-op. So I guess the point is, if you are unsure, take your time and always err on the side of caution especially in front of the instructors. I hope you get another chance as anyone who really wants to be a nurse should be helped with whatever it takes to realize this goal.

    Good Luck