Is The National League Of Nursing Exam The Same Thing As The NET!?

  1. Hi everyone!! I was just wondering if these two tests are one in the same. I believe they are. I am trying to get into a RN Nursing School and was told I need this to even be considered. If anyone has taken this tests and can pass on any info that would be great. Is there science on it?! Written expression?! I have heard the tests can vary according to the school. And what exactly is Testtaking skills?! lol

    Anyone ever take the Accuplacer?! I need to take it to get into the school before the NET. It has been so long since I have been in school they are making me re-test which irks me to no end as my grades were good. Was the math/algebra portion hard?! How advanced did it get?!

    Thanks gang!! I love the board.
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  3. by   Batman24
    Bumping as it went down page pretty fast and I am hoping someone who hasn't seen it will know the answer.
  4. by   wonderbee
    No. They are not the same. The NLN was the entrance exam for my school. The NET was only used to determine weaknesses and strengths. The NLN was definitely more challenging.
  5. by   Batman24
    Thank you so much. Can it be that different schools use diffferent tests for admission?! One school told me it would be the NET. That school doesn't mention anything about the NLN.

    Another school just sent me paperwork that it would be the NLN. Do you know the name of the study book?! Is there science, spelling, sentence usage, etc. on the test?! I was originally told reading comp, ,math and then some tests that help them out...stress management, type of learning, etc.

    Thanks again. I am so confused.