is SDNI the same as DNRI?

  1. I've checked the acronym finder for SDNI, but the source I've used doesn't have SDNI results

    DNRI is selective dopamine-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor

    is SDNI the same (it is listed in the material I am reading - but it isn't explained in full)?
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  3. by   GingerSue
    does any one know?
  4. by   tridil2000
    Quote from GingerSue
    does any one know?
    could you quote the context or sentence in which you read it?
  5. by   GingerSue
    Quote from tridil2000
    could you quote the context or sentence in which you read it?
    This is in Mental Health Nursing:

    Antidepressant medications can be classified as older-generation agents, the tricyclics, tetracyclics, and MAOIs; and the new-generation agents, the selective dopamine-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (DNRIs), selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), the serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), the serotonin modulators, and the norepinephrine-serotonin modulators.

    then in the section on Side Effects:
    The SSRIs, SDNIs, SNRIs, and the modulators have fewer anticholinergic effects.

    SDNIs are not clarified - so I'm trying to figure out what they are referring to.
    There is a list as well that does not include anything called SDNI
  6. by   RN007
    I bet it's a typo. Textbooks are bad for those these days. I wonder if it's supposed to say "DNRIs" instead of "SDNIs"?
  7. by   GingerSue
    Quote from RN007
    I bet it's a typo. Textbooks are bad for those these days. I wonder if it's supposed to say "DNRIs" instead of "SDNIs"?
    that's what I was wondering?
    just checking around in case anyone has heard of SDNIs?

    it also says that SNRIs are serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, but
    I see SNRIs in other sources called selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (is serotonin included or not?)
  8. by   hoppyhenryjoe
    I've only recently found out that DNRI's have been put into production and am glad that finally they (the pharmas) stopped restricting disorder treatment with SOLELY serotonin regulators. This is mostly because for 20+ years I have been on ~95% of all AD's (typical/atypical). I've had a severe non-comorbid GAD and PD w/agoraphobia condition (DSM) for which I've been prescribed serotonin regulators (among others).

    AD's have NEVER properly treated my anxiety disorders. Rather, they have exacerbated my condition considerably and now only give me the negative side effects in more severity. I have gotten serotonin syndrome twice and hospitalized both times--the second time I was in a coma for two days (medication taken as-prescribed, no other medications; to the letter instructions).

    In any case, I couldn't say for sure but they MAY be interchangeable (SDNI/DNRI). I have seen the DNRI acronym in a couple manuscripts (one in the Journal for Biopsychiatry ) and Wiki also mentions it in their desvenlafaxine article.

    I have not seen "SDNI" until here at but if I could guess, it is possible that SDNI could be an alternate acronym: Selective Dopamine/Norepinephrine Inhibitor. I somewhat doubt it though, as the phrasing is not pharmacologically accurate for the latter (i.e., does not refer to "reuptake inhibitor" per se.

    It would be a nice to see the pharmas put out a clinically safe dopamine reuptake enhancer/epi uptake inhibitor (analagous to SSRI's/SNRI's to SSRE's). I don't see that anywhere in the near future, though.

    Just my two cents guess about the two acronyms in the thread...