Is it too soon to feel like this?

  1. Hi all!!
    I am a new nurse, since July, and I work on an oncology floor.
    I love what I do, especially with my patients who convert to hospice. I get along with most of my co-workers, and I work 2nd shift so it can be a hoppin' time at work!!
    There are some things I love about hospital (unit) working, and some that I just don't like. For instance, I don't like the fast (I mean extremely fast) paced nights where you are running over yourself with admissions, discharges, codes, and such. I like when I have a relatively consistent night where I can sit and talk to my patients, listen to their concerns and fears, explain things to know, be a nurse!!
    I have been looking at Hospice nursing. I know that I need atleast 1 year experience, and as a nurse I only have a few months. But I worked as a CNA and Unit Secretary for well over 10 years.
    Any suggestions? I don't want to be a job-hopper. I want to stay with Oncology (but in a different setting, maybe). I could stay on my floor as registry (when I get a little more time under my belt) but I really want something else.
    I don't know, I just feel like something else is out there...maybe joining the peace corps and going to Baswani (not a real place ) and helping at an orphanage or Aids hospital.
    Please help! I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. Maybe I'm just going thru what all new nurses go thru. But maybe not. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed.
    Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   AfloydRN
    Give it a chance before you up and run. Please remember... there is no nursing utopia. You have chosen a very complicated- and ever changing career. The good news is that there are enough avenues for nurses to find their niche.
  4. by   Diva Nurse Dani
    I know AFloyd, but sometimes I wonder if it really is this difficult and crazy, or is it just me?! I mean some nights I feel like I'm running in circles and getting nothing done!

    Thanks for the encouragement.
  5. by   nurseangel47
    Hold on tight there whoa girl...catch your breath. Be kind to yourself. You can do this even if it means hanging in there for that "golden" time of a year or so on the oncology unit you're currently being run ragged on. After that brief amount of time and I know it will fly by for you as busy as hospital units are, you can then arrange to have another job lined up with a hospice home or in hospice home care. You'd love it! I did. Worked the home care of hospice for a year myself. You sound ideal for that kind of environment.
    The year of hospital onc experience you will gain even tho' it's driving you bonkers right now, will be excellent groudwork for skills you'll need as a hospice nurse. Hang on. It will be ok.And by the way, every one feels overwhelmed at first in nursing. Not a new feeling by far. Just take it all in stride if you possibly can for that first year. Only what, 9 or so months left to go...less than a year. You've already put in the first several.
    I know it's crazy. What about hooking up with the employee assistance program via work? For counseling session to get priorities in order and or consider meds to help with anxiety? Don't let your nerves get the best of you. Eat right. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Drink enough to stay hydrated so that you take care of the physical part of you while you're so stressed. Body massage therapy, too, helps way better than folks can imagine. If I had access to that regularly, I wouldn't need xanax prn!
    Seriously, do what it takes for you to take care of you during this time.
    And it will work out. Just do what you need to and take care! And to answer one of your questions in posting. No, it ISN'T you, it is the crazed world of managed care we knock ourselves out trying to fulfill these days.
    It is not you by a long shot. Give yourself credit. :flowersfo
  6. by   Diva Nurse Dani
    Thanks Nurseangel!!!
    The encouragement is welcomed (and appreciated) more than I can say :icon_hug:
    I just needed to vent and have some kind words smooth over my ruffled feathers
    I'll keep plugging along!
  7. by   RN mom of 2
    A dear friend of mine has been a nurse for 10 years. She did med-surg for 5 yrs, then ambulatory surgery (after care) 4 years, and when that dept closed she went to an oncology clinic. It is in a medical building, not a hospital. She really loves it, but was filled with anxiety for the first few months, because of all the chemo drugs, etc. This may be something to consider. It seems this area of nursing is a calling, so if you like it I would stick with it. Maybe just try a different setting. I tried working hospice care for awhile and it was too emotionally difficult. My hat is off to you, and those like you.

    All the best.
  8. by   Diva Nurse Dani
    Thanks RN Mom...I am trying to hang in there.
    I'm hoping it's just "new nurse" jitters, and I will find my niche soon!
    I love oncology, and maybe that's why hospice is so appealing to me. I haven't started with chemo yet, and not really sure I ever want to learn it
    any-hoo...thanks for the encouragement!!
  9. by   TNnursejane
    Hon, you have so many wonderful things ahead of you! But the things you learn where you are now are very valuable! These are things that you will never get anywhere else. I've done lots of things in my 25 yrs of being a nurse but the experience I gained in my first few years in the hospital setting is the best I've ever had and have made me who I am today. The crazy days where I couldn't tell you my name because we were so darn busy, the rotating from days to nights to days within a week, etc... You have something as a new nurse that I would give my eye teeth to have again and that's the desire to basically save the world. Stay where you are for now until you get that year under your belt. See what else is out there. You may find that you have come into your own as an oncology nurse. I wish I could do oncology. I think it would be very rewarding but I chose cardiology and I'm hooked! Hang tough girl!
  10. by   Diva Nurse Dani
    Thanks Janie!
    I will stay put, and just keep my eyes open!