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I was recently surfing the net and came across the following web page -- As I read the bios of the office staff I couldn't help but notice that they referred to medical assistants as nurses. ... Read More

  1. by   willie2001
    I wonder how many of these e-mails Dr. Armstrong has fired out, because I got the same message. We shall see if he's good to his word.
  2. by   willie2001
    I just checked out the site again and it is now changed. All those previously listed as "nurses" are now medical assistants and telephone triage is now called "telephone information". It still doesn't change the fact that an RN isn't doing the triage.
  3. by   RNPD
    Willie-I just rechecked the site again as well, but I don't see a change. They are still all listed as "nurse" & the triage person as "nurse" within the text. Can you post the link you are using-I need to see this with my own eyes. Not that i doubt yours-I just need the satisfaction!!!
  4. by   BeachNurse
    RNPD--looks like they must have just changed it. It's the same link..just hit the Refresh button and you should be able to see it.
  5. by   willie2001
    I just clicked on to the link that is indicated in the first post from Ryan 11011.
  6. by   RNPD
    willie & BeachNurse-I still can't see the change. I clicked on Ryan's link and then hit the refresh button, but it still refers to the people at the botom of the page as "nurse". What's up with that anyway? Shouldn't the professional staff-i.e.the ONE RN who actually works there-be listed BEFORE the clerical staff? Anyway, guess I'll just have to take your word for it about the change, but it's driving me crazy not to see the change for myself!! (not a far ride, I might add!!).
  7. by   nurs4kids
    When I click on the link, it still shows their title's as "nurse". I even hit the home button on their site and reentered the "staff" through the home page. Their title still shows "nurse". I have a hard time believing this was an oversight, it's misinforming the public. It's also saving the practice from having to pay a nurse's salary.

    I contacted the board of nursing. In viewing their "nurse practice act", there are several issues to be addressed. I wonder if these nursing assistants are aware that THEY can be fined for this misrepresentation? The link to the contact form for the Utah Board of Nursing is below.
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  8. by   nurs4kids
    You know, this really irritates me. I can't help but wonder how common this practice is in medicine. We sit here and argue amongst ourselves over education and titles, yet there are those out there who are clearly misrepresenting us that we KNOW lack the education or title. If this type thing is allowed to continue, it could have a very negative impact on the future of our profession. It clearly prevents the nursing shortage from benefiting us, as we are being substituted. I emailed the doc and let him know that I was aware several had contacted him, yet the problem had not been corrected. I also let him know that I've contacted the BON and that, according to the "nurse practice act", what he is doing is subject to fines. I imagine I will get a nice reply

    I can see where a physician, even a hospital, could be tempted to do this with the current nursing shortage. Perhaps if we put the heat on the MD's to abide by the standards, we can finally get some publicity. We seem uncapable of being heard, but if doctors start going public over the inability to find QUALIFIED personnel, then someone will listen. There's more than one way to skin a cat..or is that a rat?? oh well you get my
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  9. by   RNPD
    WE DID IT!!!!!

    The website is now changed and refers to all but the RN as "medical assistant". The telephone triage "nurse" is now doing "Telephone Information" and has been "trained by the provider staff to call back patients and answer simple medical questions. She consults with the provider staff frequently and is directly supervised by them."


    Can you imagine what a force we'd be if we ALL stood united?-all 2.5M+ of us!!!!
  10. by   nurs4kids
    This is crazy. Maybe it has to do with cookies or something, but I'm still seeing the same page. I even went to their homepage again, and linked to the staff page. ?? weird.
  11. by   RNPD
    nurs4kids-same thing happened to me and it was making me crazy because everyone was saying it was changed. Even when I hit the refresh button it wouldn't change. But I went offline for a while and then tried again, and I found the changes. Try it and it should work.

    PS: I don't acually understand "cookies"- but i think you're right!
  12. by   NRSKarenRN
    BTW: I printed out the website info AS it appeared on November 17,2001. Will be contacting the Utah state nurses assoc to see if any sanctions can be imposed, although we got what we wanted.

    A private physican can staff his office anyway he sees fit and have his staff perform ANY procedure that he has trained them to perform under HIS license. It is important that office nurses have CLEAR lines of responsibilites in their job descriptions. Here, the physicans have stated the MA's are under the PROVIDERS supervision: MD + PNP---therefore THEY are responsible if a mistake is made. If the office nurses has SUPERVISION of the medical assistants, then they are functioning under the NURSES license.

    Buyer / staff beware!
  13. by   Ryan11011
    I thought of something that you may find interesting. I used to work in a large private practice (internal medicine). When I first started working there I was doing telephone triage and they had Medical Assistants giving medications. Then one day the MA's job description changed and they could no longer administer medications. I found out that one of the NP's who worked in the clinic had discovered a case in Illinois where a medical assistant was found to be practicing nursing without a license -- she was administering medications and counseling patients over the phone regarding medical issues. She was working for an OB/GYNE. Anyway, I did a CINAHL search at that point and found a short article. It turns out that the physician and the MA were taken to court -- the state of illinois determined that medication administration and counseling patients were activities that only licensed RN's could perform. Also interesting was that it didn't matter if the MA was supervised or not by the physician because the nurse practice act reserves those activities for RN's. I know every state is different and physicians often think that they can legally supervise any activity, but this case made the organization that I was working for change the job descriptions.