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I had a crappy shift last night on our medical surgical. My job at times is so stressful that I hate it. I always leave thinking, "They cannot pay me enough money to do what I did tonight". Here... Read More

  1. by   kitkat24
    There are nights that I do like my job. I like it when it is safe. I like it when I find a functioning blood pressure cuff and can snatch onto a sat monitor and fully assess each patient. I like it when I have time to make sure all of my patient's meds are given on time and all their IV's are on time. I like it when the pharmacy actually has the 14 meds that I have to give at 2100 already on the floor. I like it when I have time to give that very sick patient that is total care a little extra TLC and rub their back. I like it when I do not have to let a person sit in their liquid BM soiled incontinent pad for one second longer than necessary. I like it when my heart isn't racing at 120 beats per minute for 8 hours straight. I like it when I feel safe, and when my patients are safe. I do not mind being busy. I do not mind working hard. I do mind not taking vitals on my post operative patients when I am supposed to. I do mind not being able to get into my post ops room when they are sent with an epidural catheter (APM II) and the procedure card for our facitility requires q1hour vitals and neuro checks X 12 hours after return to the floor and I cannot get that done. I do mind that our facitily does not rate on acuity, so that I can get 4 diabetic patients that all have qid accu checks. I do mind having to stand in the hallway and beg for somebody to help me turn my patient that is total care over so that I can listen to lung sounds posteriorly. This just shouldn't be, and until we as nurses make our profession better, acute care in the hospital will not change, it will continue to get worse.
    I'll jump off of my soap box now. Thanks for listening, all of you, and for responding.
    Kathy Minnesota
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    ((((Kathy)))) that is all I have to offer. That and echo what the others said.....take stock and move on if you see fit. You only have YOU after all.