Is is true a person can retake NCLEX RN in 45 days instead of 91 days in CA

  1. Anyone know if CA is one of the states where people can retake NCLEX RN in 45 days instead of 91 days. Any info would be great. Also if you have any info on the new and revised NCLEX RN starting April 1. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   nursepearl
    The length of time u have to wait is now changing...with the revision of the NCLEX. It will be 45 days from what i hear. There will be more pharm questions, less L&D, less communication, fill in the blanks questions, as well as questions with more than one right answer (it will be all or none with the points, either u choose all the right answers or you dont get the points), also like point to the part of the body were this sound can be heard best (so they give u a picture and you click on the part they are asking for),and thats all i can think of off hand. Oh and also they are raising the passing standards, so i hear that there will be 3% less people passing.
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  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Pearl is right... The 45 day thing, started in January of this year.... I know alot of the paperwork from the NCLEX place still has 45days on it, but I called and they said it was just the "old" copies....

    Everything else Pearl said is pretty much dead on...
  5. by   jazznkate
    NursePearl, do you happen to know for sure in California one can retake in 45 days because on the CA BRN website retake is still in 91 days. I have another concern since there is a nursing shortage I wonder why BRN would want a 3% decrease in passing rate. Hmmmmmm......
  6. by   nursepearl
    yah i know for sure that the time is either changing or has changed. If it hasnt changed already then it should with the NCLEX changes (which is April 1st). They are raising the pass rate because of " safety reasons". that is also their reasoning for the increase in Pharm. questions.
    So although there is a nursing shortage...they are concerned with client saftey.