Is Crna Worth It?

  1. I am contemplating joining the crna program sometime next year.I am already making 100k plus, and i am looking to advance my education. can anyone here who is involved tell me if its worth the sacrifice?
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    Exactly what do you do know that pays 100K plus? The starting salary for CRNA is about 100-120K.
  4. by   foxyhill21
    What do you do now? If you have a passion to become a CRNA do it, but if you enjoy your work now (stick with it). You can still participate in higher education without pursuing a degree in CRNA. So what I am basically saying is what every your passion is in life, do it!!
  5. by   bellarosa
    Here's the way I see it. If you are asking if you should do it, you probably shouldn't. If money is what is important to you (you mentioned your salary), you are making great money now.
    If, on the other hand, you long for more autonomy, a higher level of practice, and are passionate about the idea of practicing anesthesia, would you really be asking if you should do it? The road toward CRNA is full of sacrifices, some big and some small. The real question is whether it is worth it to you.