Is anyones facility so short staffed that they feel guilty calling in sick? - page 6

:rolleyes: I never call in sick no matter what. Even if I were dying I would probably never call in sick (lol). I am so sick and tired of these people that call in sick because they have a hang... Read More

  1. by   Riseupandnurse
    How do nurses feel about calling in sick? This is partly a generational thing. The older group (of which I am one, actually, being in my 50s) tends to hate calling in sick. We also respond more to staffing requests to work extra, stay over, and do without. I missed my grandfather's, my grandmother's, and my uncle's funerals because the hospital "really needed me". I never saw either of my two children perform in their grade school Christmas pageants. The younger crowd of nurses are more apt to think of their job as a job, and to put their lives and families first.

    Even though I'm in the older group, I now have no problem with calling in sick. While I still think nursing is a very special calling, and I would do almost anything for my patients, I also believe that I am valuable too, and that my own life has meaning and importance. We nurses have allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of for far too long, because of our dedication to our patients and our profession. We cannot give to others when we have nothing left to give. We need to let the adminstrators find ways to make nursing jobs more attractive, so that we have more nurses to draw from, rather than continuing to give up our lives and our health to delay an eventual coming to terms with reality.
  2. by   tattooednursie
    Well, you all will be proud of me. Yesterday I called in!!! About 6 months ago I had to take 10 days off due to pnemonia! I am definantly getting burned out, and I think that is what made me sick yesterday.

    LOL, just going through old posts.
  3. by   tattooednursie
    Quote from sharann

    Bottom line: In 5 or 20 years, will you really feel as if coming in ill was the best thing for you to do? Or will you be dead because you worked yourself to death for those greedy bas8ards?

    OMG . . . I am sitting here looking through all my old posts from about 5 years ago . . . Yes, its been 5 years later . . . A bit of advice for any newbies . . . although alot of this was a little overbearing . . . some good advice here . . . I did get burned out. So now . . . I REFUSE to work when I am I'll, and refuse to come in when I get the rare day off and they try to call me in. . . .