Is anyone watching the Tv show on ABC about the Childrens Hospital in Arkansas?

  1. i caught this show last night while on call and i was so impressed with the staff of that hospitals or team with the transplants and the open hearts., and the pedi icu and the nicu units.
    if anyone has been following that show let me know i want to catch up. its on wed at 8 or 9 pm , and i was amazed at how well the staff were represented. congrats to the staff at that hospital for doing such a wonderful job.
    childrens hospital in arkansas
    a many thanks from a open heart nurse, for showing what does occur in the rooms and on the job.
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  3. by   nurse4kids
    I watched it last night too! To the best of my knowledge, last night was the first night it was on, so you haven't missed anything. As a Peds RN, I felt drawn to it. I was hoping to go to bed early last night (I'm on the east coast, so it comes on at 10), but I couldn't stop watching it! It's great!

    I loved every minute of it, I couldnt turn the thing off at all, I work on the OR team as well and I was so glad they showed how much that the team goes through physically, mentally and emotionally. I have so much respect for those that can work with children it takes a hell of a nurse to do so, I have a hard time breaking the emotional tie myself but I do bow to the presence of a working pedi nurse
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    AND they featured a nurse. The OR Supervisor was just great!. You really could see teamwork here. Docs interacting with nurses giving report and emotional support the nurses gave to family.
    The closeness of the group was amazing to watch , we had a huge discussion about that show today in the OR and we talked about every minute of it , We may actually use some of their tactics to allow the nurses to speak with the family face to face to give a report instead of the dreded phone call I find that speaking face to face as they did would be better patient and family care.
  7. by   avimom
    Not being a nurse yet, I focused more on the emotional aspect of the show - I watched it and could not stop crying. I think that dealing with heart-rending situations is the thing that frightens me most about becoming a nurse. I have such respect for all the staff the show focused on - I hope I can be that strong one day.
  8. by   Anaclaire
    I thought it was fantastic in every aspect! I thank Heaven for the amount of time they spent with the nurses and their roles and emotions. As I remember, these types of shows often focus premodinantly on the MDs with the nurses and other "team" members left out in the background somewhere.

    It's a much needed breath of fresh air when compared to the some "fictional hospital" programs out there. There is nothing better than the TRUTH and I hope the people who watch it will gain a deeper respect for the medical field of professions.