Is anyone from Maine??

  1. I think it would be a little easier to get info from someone who is near me. I highly doubt anyone is from Maine though......we're all hicks, hunters, fishers, truck drivers, and this is central Maine....I doubt any of you know where I'm talking about so I'll just leave it at that....:spin:
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  3. by   kristi915
    Not that I don't like the hicks and farmers....I live on one and my WHOLE family is full of hicks and i love every one of 'em...
  4. by   MLL
    Hi Kristi,
    I am also a Mainiac who has been living and working as an RN in Virginia, but plan to move back to Presque Isle, Maine this July or August. Are you planning on going to nursing school? When you say you live in the middle of the state, do you mean Bangor, Waterville, or somewhere in that area?
  5. by   Cubby
    Ahhh Maine! It has been my lifes dream to live in Maine. Speficially Presque Isle. I love the sound of it, know what I mean? And it sounds so remote! Is it as great as what I have built in my mind? I do envy you the solitude, the scenery, and yes, the hicks and the farmers.
  6. by   kristi915
    I live near Newport well St.Albans, it's a small town so you may not know it. I go to Nokomis Highschool, if that rings any bells? I am debating on weather I want to be a nurse or something else. Maybe an accountant?? I have been stressing over what I want to do with the rest of my life, I want to make up my mind now before I'm one of the last to apply to college, ya know? I would like to be a nurse but I want to find the right type for me.

    Yes Sheila your picture of Maine is right on the button. It is very remote, you don't have to travel far to find a peaceful place. I live out in the sticks on a dairy farm. There's two small towns right next to me then a little teeny tiny city. I love the country, hiking, camping. I plan to do a lot of outdoor activities with my boyfriend this summer. The only thing about Maine that I don't like is that winter is so boring, yes you can snowmobile and skii and snowshoe....but this last winter lasted so long and it got so boring. Not to mention we lost a very wonderful person to a snowmobile accident, also I lost a friend.

    Here it is April 28, a month into spring and it is snowing right now!!!! Yes Maine is wonderful, and I don't plan on leaving. Well maybe once I'm married and stuff, but I have a long time to work on that!!

    So Sheila, have I boosted your dream to live in Maine???
  7. by   canoehead
    I live very close by so will email you.
  8. by   Cubby
    Yes kristi915 you have! However, now all I do is sob...Lost dreams and all! Thanks for the mental picture though, it will carry me through summer!!
  9. by   CaronRN58
    I'm from Maine. Working as an RN in southern Maine. Will answer any questions that I can.
  10. by   massEDgirl
    Hi everyone!!!

    Will be going up this weekend to OOB to open up the summer camp.

    My husband and i love it up there and want to relocate soooooo bad.

    Caron...where in southern Maine do you work?? I am taking time off from my job this summer and would like to check jobs out up there. Would be looking for work in Emergency.
  11. by   CaronRN58
    I work in a small hospital in Sanford. We need ED nurses. Come on down. If you have questions, send me an e-mail. Have worked there for 20+ years.

    Sandy C.
  12. by   CaronRN58
    Oops! I think you better make it a private message. I don't think that you can use my email from here.
  13. by   MLL
    Hey all you Mainiac RNs!
    As I stated in an earlier post, I'm moving back to "God's Country" this July or August. I plan to take a couple of months to check out the job situation before I plunge into anything, though!
    I've given some serious consideration to "travel nursing" in Maine. Are any of your hospitals hiring travelers? I have ED and Endo experience, and am ACLS certified.
    If so, do you know how they work, i.e. 3 days on - 4 off, etc?
    Any information you can give me will be accepted with open arms.
  14. by   CaronRN58
    We're using "travelers". I know that we have a couple in the ER, where we have openings. Have sent you a private message with the hospital web address as I'm not sure if doing so is acceptable in this posting.