Is A Sign On Bonus Worth A 3 Yr Contract? - page 2

I Will Be Graduating In May 06 W/ My Rn. I Am Already Searching For A Job But I Just Don't Know If A Sign On Bonus Is Worth A 2 Or 3 Year Contract W/ The Employer. I Am Getting Offers At $18.25/hr... Read More

  1. by   OC_An Khe
    For a newly minted RN looking for a first job the sign on bonus shouldn't enter into the equation. Look for a job that suits your needs to grow as an RN. As you gain expirence in both being an RN and the job market for RNs then you can consider looking at sign on bonuses. I still shy away from bonuses though, as many other posters have pointed out there, is a reason for sign on bonuses. I would also ask if there is a retention bonus also. And if the answer is no then ask why not, don't you value your existing employees?