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Hi, I'm currently working on obtaining my BSN in nursing. Before this degree, I pursued a BA in education. I thought that I wanted to be a teacher. After all it was something that I'd wanted to do... Read More

  1. by   Pilotboy
    I am in the same shoes as you, however, I did become a teacher for twelve years. I have a degree in government and was a high school math teacher. I am 34 years old and I just left the teaching field last November. I have one more science prereq and then I will start my one year BSN program in January and will be finished with my BSN in December of next year. The BSN program I am going into is for individuals who already have a bachelor's degree. You can finish in one year because all of your other courses were completed with your previous bachelors. You have to have a good GPA, however, because entry into these programs is very competitive. I made sure to get straight A's in all my science prereqs, including the labs that went with them. If you can pull this off, it would be much quicker than going through a two year associate's RN program, and you would have your BSN as well.
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  2. by   Balder_LPN
    What? Thats a joke, right? right?

    I'm in school now and I'll be 40 in a week or so. Why didnt someone tell me I was too old for this?

    I'm not the oldest in my class either.
  3. by   pyrolady
    OK - Career advise here....First of all, as someone so wisely stated before - you are too old to go to school when you are DEAD !!!! Other than that you need to go for it. However, you might want to consider down the road, after you have received a BSN and moved on in your life that you can combine your teaching and nursing degrees quite nicely and perhaps go into education in the health field of some sort. Teaching, hospital educator, all kinds of options. Keep it in mind for the future and for goodness sake don't listen to people who are offering opinions. You know what they say about options.....
  4. by   swatch007
    Just Do it! Don't over think because you'll find a thousand of reasons not
    to go back to school while deep inside you have a nagging feeling that wanting to go for your dream. So just TAKE ACTION AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR AGE!
  5. by   anouk
    Hi, I hope this is not to much off topic, but a lot of people who have answered my post have degrees from accerlerated BSN programs. I like to thank everyone who replied to my post who mentioned accerlerated nursing programs.There are only four accerlerated nursing programs (that I know of) in my state. I plan on applying to the two programs that are closest to me. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

    Pyrolady thanks for the career info. I would like to find a way to use my teaching degree in the nursing field.
  6. by   helenrnurse
    Yes, sorry, you're too old. ONLY IF YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!! I graduated in 1999 at the age of 51. I'm returning for an ICU Critical care course this month. (I'm working in ICU now & they are paying for the course & my hourly wage while going)
  7. by   softstorms
    I was 32 years old when I went back to school for my LPN after 10 years of doing CNA work. Did I feel old in the class room? OH YEAH! But now at 53, I still go to classes and seminars to upgrade my skills as a nurse. I am even looking into getting my RN. Good Luck
  8. by   mlyth
    I graduated with an RN associate degree at the ripe young age of 60 and had no previous health care experience. But I did have life and work experience that served me well in school and now on the job. Best of luck.
  9. by   ded55
    I started in my LPN class this past Jan. and will graduate in Dec. and I will be 57 in Jan. Go for it Honey, you are never too old to help some one else or yourself!
  10. by   Verna127
    I became a RN at 52 years of age. Its never too late to learn something new. Where will you be by the time you would have finished school, still dreaming about becoming a nurse. go for it, good luck.
  11. by   lamazeteacher
    I'm 67 years old, with 46 years of nursing experience. Now I want to be a Legsl Nurse Consultant. If any of you have comments about Kaplan U's couses, please respond.
    P.S. To the 26 year old who went into teaching: go, woman! You can always teach Nursing after some experience in the profession.
  12. by   AngelsRN
    I have a MA in psych --- I went back into nursing at the age of 32, graduated at 36 and am coming up on 1 year as a nurse in January ---- will I go on . . . absolutely!!! I had an ex along the way who did not support me, so that is why he is an ex --- you are NEVER too old to go to school -- you dont get any younger so do it when you want.

    And there were people in their 60's in my class!!
  13. by   1st edition
    You're kidding right? I was 38 when I started my LPN training w/ out any previous college! I'm now 43 w/ 3 more pre-req's to go just to be able to apply for an RN program! Age is relative, I feel young and won't let age stop me from getting an education and living life! Follow your heart and happiness will follow. . .