interview on detox unit this Tuesday

  1. Hey all! soo after hundreds of applications and resumes to open hospital postions, I finally received a call last week from a hospital (where I previously worked at as a PCT for 5 years) for an interview on their detox unit. I am really excited and since I've been at the local county jail for a year now, I am hoping to share some of my experiences with the supervisor and what I can bring to the table if hired. I do get nervous during interviews and tend to fiddle with my hands and start sentences using words like "um" lol it's a horrible habit so does anyone out there have any interview pointers they would like to share for my big day? I definitely am not going to mention that I have no desire to stay on the detox unit and that this was just a stepping stone to get into a hospital. Any help would be great!
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  3. by   Jules A
    Congratulations and don't be too quick to discount a detox unit. I love working with medical detox. The experience you gain there will be helpful in identifying future patients who have no documented addictions history and yet are in the process of crashing on the medical floor.

    If you know you fidget with your hands come up with a game plan ahead of time something like holding a notebook, pen or sitting them if you can do that without looking strange. Good luck.
  4. by   spearsfm
    thank you for the input! my interview went very good actually. I was interviewed by an interim clinician because the new don doesn't start for a couple more weeks. he was really nice and after we wrapped up he had one of the lead RN's on the floor come and ask me a couple more interview questions. just waiting on the results