Interview in AM. Nervous!!

  1. I faxed my resume to a local doctors office and just got a call for an interview in the morning. I am so nervous! I don't know what to expect. I have never worked in an office setting before and I hope I am not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire! I have worked long term care for so long that it is all I know. I am looking forward to not working weekends and holidays but I have poor organizational skills. I have my own system but it usually doesn't work well for others. I really want to work in a surgery setting- which is what this job is looking for- but have no experience. Any LPN's out there working in a doctors office? How is it for you? Does getting up 5 days a week get old? I love my days off. Since I work 12 hour shifts I have quite a few days off during the week. I would like to get home at a descent hour thought. I am kinda confused. Must be nerves!!!
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  3. by   Lara911
    I worked in a medical office in the past, doctors in private don,t pay a lot but they have been the best boss I had,I learned a lot with them, I wish you good luck!!
  4. by   Jenny67
    I am not a LPN or a RN, but I am a CMA in a very busy Family Practice presently. This is my third Doctors office, and the interviews have just about been the same. The big question from the Doctors have been, do you feel you can room (or run) my patients, triage, do paperwork and respond to the unexpected patient walk ins. Organization and keeping a tight ship is the key.

    Prior to cutting down hours this semester my schedule was Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Fridays are always our late night and typically do not get out until 6-7pm depending on how bad the day was, and how many patients called needing prescriptions refilled. ONe of our sister offices all the Nurses/CMA's have one half day off during the week.

    I've been working in Doctor's offices for almost 5 years now, and love it, I plan my vacation around my doctors and take advantage of their time off for CEU's and hospital meetings by taking time off or sleeping in etc.

    Good luck, and hope you don't mind that I responded to this.