Interview Format when you are an experienced nurse

  1. I am a UK trained Nurse who has worked in both England and Germany.
    I have now relocated to the US and the last interview I had was in
    Germany many years ago. The interview process and questions in Germany
    were very different from the process in England
    Can somebody tell me how things work in the US, and what sort of
    questions would be likely. I keep reading about a two part process
    which is totally different to what I am used to.

    Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   classicdame
    You will probably be asked what strengths you can bring to the company and why you want to work there. You might be asked about short range and long range goals. A lot of hospitals now are having candidates interviewed by someone from human resources (non-clinical), the hiring Director (clinical) and even peers (future co-workers). I would be prepared to ask about hours you are expected to work, how do they schedule (workers vs. supervisors), what is special about that nursing unit (transplants, types of surgery, equipment). What is not expected is to discuss money. That is generally done at the end of the interview and in private with either the Director or Human Resources. Good luck!!
  4. by   PICNICRN
    My last 3 interviews(when I moved) were so much different from my previous round- they weren't so much interested in my "clinical experience" like the acuity of patients I have taken care of or my certifications. Instead I was asked the same questions at each hospital- "Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker or doc and how you handled it". "Tell me about a time when you had a complaint from a patient or family and how you handled it- what could you have done differently" .......... apparently, customer service is top priority everywhere.
    The days of just wanting a warm body with a license seem to be over!:uhoh21: Good luck to you !
  5. by   jakeMIKY
    Behavioral interview style questions should be the expected format for most interviews taking place here in the United States. You should come prepared to answer questions in a specific way. SAR = Situation, Action, Result.

    Explain the situation, explain the actions you took, explain the results.
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    Thanks for your input
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    Thanks a lot for your input.
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    Thanks a lot for your input