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  1. Interesting website found during search today:

    Some of the featured stories found:

    United We Stand
    Minority representation in nursing unions is on the rise. But is joining a union right for you?

    On the Front Lines of Diversity
    A career in health care diversity management can help minority nurses move into leadership roles while fighting for equal opportunity.

    Completing the Circle
    America's unprecedented multiculturalism is creating an urgent need for culturally competent end-of-life care--and for the cultural sensitivity that minority nurses can contribute.

    21st Century Midwives
    As the nurse-midwifery profession continues to grow, so does the need for more minority nurses to join their ranks.

    A Harvest of Hope
    Meet five Hispanic nurses who are making a difference in improving the quality of health care for migrant farm workers.

    Legal Eagles
    Put nursing, law and business together and what do you get? The exciting field of legal nurse consulting!

    Those Who Can Teach
    Minority nurses who have chosen to work in academia talk about why they love their rewarding careers.

    Serving Where the Need Is Greatest
    A nursing career in the U.S. Public Health Service offers unlimited opportunities to serve your country while providing care to underserved populations around the world.

    Career Cruisin'
    Cruise ships offer minority nurses the opportunity to make paradise their workplace.

    Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
    For American Indian and Alaska Native nurses, combining traditional beliefs with modern treatments not only provides culturally competent care but helps keep their heritage alive.

    Modern Nursing, Traditional Beliefs
    Minority nurses can play a crucial role in helping Asian patients bridge the gap between East and West, old and new.

    Nursing the Human Spirit
    Opportunities abound for minority nurses in the challenging but rewarding field of mental health nursing.

    Men in Nursing
    "Times and rules have changed a lot since I was first in nursing school back in the '60s," recalls Eddie Hebert, R.N., B.S.N., director of nurses at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Houma, La. "However, many of the prejudices which males faced back then are still with us today."

    AIDS Doesn't Discriminate
    Delbra Peters, R.N., B.S.N., has seen the changing face of AIDS care during the eight years she has worked for the Visiting Nurses Association of Dallas. As a member of the VNA's AIDS team, Peters has worked with many dying patients--but that isn't the sole focus of her job.

    Information, Please...
    For minority nurses interested in a piece of the high-tech career pie, the growing field of nursing informatics may be just the ticket--and one that a rising number of nurses are pursuing with great satisfaction.

    Careers in the Military
    By land, sea or air, a career in the military offers nurses broad opportunities with few limitations.

    Body and Soul
    In cities across the country, nurses are responding to a higher calling, one that enables them to wed their avocation with a vocation: meeting the health and spiritual needs of their patients by serving as parish nurses.

    Worth a look. Karen
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