Insulin tips for no bubbles in syringe - page 2

Hi all, I need some help. I have tried every trick I have been told of. I am having trouble keeping bubbles out of the syringe. As soon as you start to draw insulin into the syringe there is a... Read More

  1. by   9livesRN
    Some people measure the air they put in, some don't put any air in, so to make up for that and add positive pressure to the vial I add the whole syringe worth of air in to the vial, pull way more then I need, and push to release unwanted insulin, leaving me with no bubbles and adding pressure to make up for those who don't.
  2. by   xtxrn
    I harpoon myself multiple times daily. Before removing the syringe from the vial, I draw back at least 10 extra units, then move the needle so it's drawing up air and withdraw another 10 units of air.....then flick the bubbles, and adjust the amount to the proper dose. I seldom have air 'problems'. And if there is a 1/100 cc bubble in there, it's not going to do anything.

    Obviously, this is only for injections with one type of insulin.
  3. by   Trekfan
    Tap,tap ,tap
  4. by   belgarion
    I was giving my wife insulin for twenty-five years before I became a nurse. I agree with those who say inject the air, draw a little insulin into the syringe and shove it back in hard. Then draw a little more than called for and push the extra along with the bubble back into the vial. As others have pointed out, this doesn't work when mixing but I have noticed over the years that the bubbles don't seem to be as prevalent on the second draw as on the first. At least that's been my experience.
  5. by   princess pickles
    Thanks for all the input. I will try some of the advice given. Thanks All Nurses!!