Insane thing?

  1. I am not Med Surg or ER but I am curious about learning about those areas and wanted to purchase 2 Med Ed courses, Med Surg and Er, about $120.00 each, not to become certified in med surg or ER, which I couldnt because of inexperience, but just to expand my knowledge base, also somethings I learn in these courses might be applicable on the job I do.
    Is this a Insane thing to want to do?
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  3. by   woody62
    No education is ever a waste.

  4. by   hospitalstaph
    Well what is your job now??
  5. by   JVanRN
    It depends on your situation I guess. Right now it would be insane (not even insane...just kind of silly) for me to do because I work NICU...dont really plan on going anywhere anytime soon and dont really have that sort of money to spend.

    But I still like to read my old nursing school textbooks and read up on the newest things outside of my specialty, just so Im not SO out of the loop. But I wouldnt go and get adult ACLS or any sort of certification like that because I dont really plan to use it any time soon.

    I dont think its insane to want to expand your knowlege base and learn about things outside of your specialty. Especially if you work with adults, because that knowlege may be useful in your everyday work.

    There are plenty of ways that you can do this without having to spend lots of money though or any money at all. Itś really up to you though. I guess if you have the money to spend on it and think it will be beneficial to you, then go for it.
  6. by   JVanRN
    I was also going to ask you what is your job now? Most of what you will learn in nursing school is Med surg based. And what exactly are you looking in to buying?

    Are there ways you can access useful informative material without having to spend that much money? Like I said...I dont think itś insane to want to learn...but you may not have to spend that much to do it. Especially since your just doing this for your own personal enrichment.
  7. by   garciadiego
    I work with geriatics and there is a 5 bed unit for skilled nursing. There are cheaper ways to learn, reading, but I don't get much time to read and I do lots of driving and I am a compulsive exerciser, so it seems listening would be a good idea,but its a steep price.
    Oh yea, Im thinking about purchasing the CEN course and a Med. Surg course, both are reviews for certification
  8. by   RN1989
    If you have the money I say go for it! The more knowledge you have the better you will perform your job. The better you perform your job, the more marketable you are. You can never learn too much. Having the knowledge will give you confidence in your work. It might also get you a pay raise at some point in your job. Having been a supervisor, it is people like you who look for learning opportunities that get my attention for promotions, raises, etc. I also personally like people who take an interest in their jobs and don't want to be in robot mode all the time and those persons I have taken personal interest in to mentor them. You might find someone like me who will do the same. I know my experience that having a more experienced nurse take in interest in me and mentor me made a big difference not only in my career but in my personal life as well. As I said before, if you can afford - Do It!
  9. by   garciadiego
    Thanks for your replies. Thanks RN 1989 for that supportive post.
  10. by   JVanRN
    I I hope I didnt come accross as unsupportive. I think its great that you want to better yourself. If you have the money to do it then go for it. You can never learn too much. Just that there are also lots of great resources out there for free as well.
  11. by   leslie :-D
    i too, enjoy learning.
    i also have too many darned books at home.
    now, i have too many darned links.
    but since i am rather compulsive, the links don't take up so much space, and they are free.
    something to consider.
    best to you.