Input--I've had tingling/blurred vision????

  1. I went to the Dr. today now we are ruling out anxiety/hyperthyroidism and M/S. Any input on a site about symptoms would be great!! Or suggestions what it maybe. I'm seeing a neurologist tomorrow. But in the mean time I'm looking for other stories...or information.

    Here's the story:

    I'm 8 months postpardum. I went to the Dr. for dizziness and feeling depressed 5 months ago. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism....he re-tested my blood a month later and the blood work came back normal.

    I've had S.O.B. off and on too. And other sign of edginess.

    Sunday at work a Dr. asked me to put in orders. I had 2 other things going on. It was a stressfull night. I looked and the computer....and had a hard time reading it. I thought hmmm turning 30....and now my visions going bad. No other vision got better.

    Monday I was at the gym on equipment. My left side went tingly. (arm/leg) I went and used other stuff and no change. So I left to the store. And it had stopped. I looked at the card section. My eyes went blurry. Later in the store my legs went numb.

    We are now R/O M.S. I'm very nervous about it...I guess I'll need a MRI/spinal tap. Do you know anyone thats had symptoms like me.....or has M.S. and what were their initial symptoms. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   nur20
    I imagine your physician will also r/o Heart disease and Diabetes
  4. by   ianurse
    I would oh course rule out the major things that you have listed already. I also have had this trouble this week. I had a miscarriage in July, and my Dr. is thinking possibly mine is hormone related. I had typical CVA symptoms, weak/tingling R side. I also had some blurry vision, and a BP of almost 140/90. This is unusual for me, BP is usually about 90/60. If nothing else shows up, it might be worth looking into. Estrogen is some pretty harsh stuff!
  5. by   Andy S.
    You might want to ask about the possibility of TIA's. Some of the best advice I've heard is write it down. Write down the symptoms you are having and the time of day they happen. Also write down your questions for the doctor. We all forget at least one thing by the time we get to the office. Good luck and let us know how it goes.