Injection Gone Wrong - Part 1 - page 3

Susan stepped up to the next available person and handed her the flu shot questionnaire filled out and signed. The tiny room was full of activity. There were piles of syringes and alcohol pads next... Read More

  1. by   DesertRN2
    Quote from Kooky Korky
    This is a good reason to not get the blasted flu shot. They are barely effective anyway.

    I know that very few people here share this view. I am not interested in debating it. Just saying my view.

    Wow, talk about HIPAA violation.
    Please tell me your not a nurse. or actually use evidence based practice and not your feelings
  2. by   CRGRN
    This happened to me yrs ago with a flu shot. It sounds almost identical to my story. Very fortunately it was my non dominant arm that was affected. I was able to continue to work but with significant pain and some limitations that did not resolve for over a year. Some thins that we do as nurses seem easy because we do them so often but that should never be construed to mean that anyone is competent to do them. It's definitely more complicated than just point and shoot.
  3. by   eatenbylocusts
    Funny because I do not believe in forced vaccination or the worth of the flu shot and I do more reading on it than anyone on my floor and my co-workers come to me with questions even though most get the flu shot every year. I have read the vaccine insert for the last three years as everyone should, but doesn't. Just read the insert and tell me all about the effectiveness, ok? Three years ago I took care of two older women in the same week who had chronic and worsening mobility and pain issues from vaccines. It was an eye-opening moment.