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Hey folks, Anyone on here deal with the repeat offender known as Mr. Ingrown Toenail? I have one right now and it is bothering me like crazy! Stupid me....I attempted to cut the side of the nail... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    I hope y'all know that eyeballs and toenails make me wanna urrrrp.

    You can try this next time (get abx this time!)

    Trim your toenail flat across the edge and then with the clippers make a small "v" in the center edge. I swear it relieves the painful pinching. I wont do diddly for an infection though ----v---- Ive been doing this for ever and it works.
  2. by   Dixen81
    Quote from pwp1289
    my big toenails were very thick and i had ingrown toenails often and after one got infected i went to pod and had toenail removed--permantly--all i felt was the shot and when i asked "how much longer" i was told "its done"--its the best thing i ever did--should have had both done at that time-luckily the other toenail doesn't cause me any trouble---i think not wearing pointy shoes helps alot--you will not see me wearing those extremely pointed new shoes--and thats a given!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky you! I had my big toenail removed after repeated ingrown toenails and it was the most excruitiating pain I have ever had in my life! I didn't feel it while it was happening although I watched for a minute as the doctor twisted and pulled it off while it bled like crazy and looked like raw meat. But by the time I got home (and I only live a 3 minute drive from the clinic) the shot wore off and I went into shock from the pain. The doc initially only prescribed ibuprofen for the pain, but my DH called and insisted on something strong. I had to stay pretty much dosed up for the next couple of days. I would rather do ANYTHING than go through that again. BTW, I switched doctors after that.