Incentives to function as a preceptor/mentor

  1. I am working on a project for my BSN and I am soliciting information from anyone who is willing to take a moment to respond.

    At your facility, what incentives, if any, are offered to seasoned nurses who function as preceptors for new graduate nurses? Incentives could be anything including monetary reward, recognition, advanced educational opportunities, etc.....

    Please describe the incentives and the name of your facility. Do you feel the incentives you receive are representative of the time, effort, committment you make as a preceptor?

    If there are no incentives at your facility, please note what incentives would motivate you to become a preceptor.

    If you are at a facilty that employes a preceptor coordinator who specifically supports and advocates for the preceptors (not the new grads), please let me know the name of the facilty and contact details so that I may attempt to speak to someone in this type of position.

    Thanks everybody!
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  3. by   SaoirseRN
    There are no incentives where I work, but I do volunteer to be a preceptor. I enjoy the mentorship role and the one-on-one. People took the time to do the same for me so I take the time to do the same for others.
  4. by   ukjenn231
    In Kentucky, you could use your time as a preceptor to apply towards a clinical ladder. Also, the time could count toward your continuing education hours for state licensure.
    I felt this was fair, at the time I was approached to be a preceptor I really didn't have much experience but the hospital was in dire need of help precepting a large group of new employees.
  5. by   BonnieSc
    We get paid more per hour. I can't remember how much--maybe $1 or $2? Enough that you really do notice it. My last job there wasn't extra pay, but as above we could use it toward a clinical ladder which resulted in extra pay for every hour (that is, not just the ones where you're precepting)--but you had to do a LOT of stuff to get one small step up.

    I would do it (and have done it) without any incentive, for the resume builder, because it's fun, and because I feel an obligation.

    I would share my institution info in a private message if you wish, and can also provide information about someone who supports preceptors; most people don't share this info publicly.
  6. by   jms3125
    Thank for the reply. I would be interested in getting the details of your institution and person who I can contact. I am new to this site and received a message that my private messaging is disabled and when I signed up it said that poviding private contact information is prohibited. I would be happy to provide my email address but it doesn't sound like it is permitted. Any suggestions? I would definitely appreciate the information.