Inapsine and other meds that can cause Dystonia

  1. inapsine as well as many other medicines, such as phenergan, reglan, and others have been linked to a frequently misdiagnosed movement disorder called dystonia... dystonia can be caused by trauma, genetic background, certain medications, or unknown causes. please refer to the link below for further info.... then click on dystonia-related links to find the web page regarding a partial list of meds that have been linked to dystonia.

    there is also a nurses with dystonia web page (by nurses who have dystonia) in progress which, when finished, will provide a support network for those nurses who have dystonia, as well as a broad-based informational source to nurses who are interested in this often misdiagnosed condition.. that web page is:; another, currently completed, website of interest is, which was created by beka serdans, a critical care nurse at columbia-presbyterian hospital in new york city..
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