Im Having Second Thoughts

  1. i mean im not organized, or adapt to detail to handle being a nurse or nuring school! god, im always looking for excapes to an alternative to nursing. does anyone else feel like this?
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    Well, if I understand you correctly, you are not yet in school, but planning on entering a nursing school? And yet you know you are not organized, don't adapt well to changes or details, and are already looking for other things to do?

    Frankly sounds to me like you should be looking for something else, as you really REALLY need to be determined to get through school at this point, and dedicated to doing well, or you simply won't survive the clinicals and class requirements. It is rigorous coursework (of course I'm making an assumption that schools in Toronto aren't so different from schools in the U.S.).

    Please be very sure that at least at THIS point really really want to be a nurse before proceeding. Look all over this site, including the General Student Nursing Board and the Pre-Nursing Board. here. Could save you alot of heartache and depleted funds later.
  4. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Nope, not here. Well, not exactly.....I found that there were a bunch of areas of nursing that I had absolutely no interest in, but found other areas that have inspired me to go to school and study. It's because I found those particular interests in nursing that I actually buckled down to go to school. Before that, nursing was 100% out of the question for me.

    Why are you even considering a career in nursing if it does not seem to interest you? This is not an attack, but an honest question. There is no point in spending years in school, spending thousands of dollars on an education, and investing in a career in which you have no interest in. If you are a pre-nursing student (as your post sounds like), then I'd definitely suggest doing more research before committing to something as big and challenging as nursing school.
  5. by   lauralassie
    I agree with other people here. You need to look at why your going into nursing. Organization etc,,,are skills that can be aquiered. It may be fear holding you back. Take closer look at your desire to go into nursing. If it's for the sake of having a job, look other directions. Nursing is a difficult , stressful job. I always see other jobs that look like they pay well, are full of glam. But , I also know I'm not suited for them. Only I can figure that out for myself. (Besides Areosmyth already had a drummer...darn't)