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but i really suck at interpreting LAB WORK. I really believe I must've been out sick when this class was discussed at school. I know my K levels, WBC's and H&H's... but with the others-- I'm... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    Sleepyeyes - what helps me is to have a small version of the Periodic Table Of Elements on my med book, and soon to be on my clipboard. When I see it I can think of the many factors that can influence matter composition, and can imagine their size and affinities based on the (electron) shells. Molecules (WBC, RBC, BUN, serum) are arranged in patterns. You know :-) Just seeing that chart causes me to think about how more or less of an atom or molecule can effect the entire picture, and how neat it is that we can measure these amounts in us via a lab. Wow!