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I have always wanted to become a nurse, and I still do. However, the issues surronding nursing are just enough to make me not want to waste my money...right now.... It's not the vents I hear here,... Read More

  1. by   iliel
    Thank so much everyone! I'm going to do the "big drop" today so it'll be offical. I also found out I can salvage this semester, there are 3 classes I can take that will count towards the SLP program. I also found out this program is under the umbrella of University of Nevada Reno so they pretty much expect the students at Nevada State to transfer up there for their Masters in SLP and Audiology. There are also 3 programs back in Philly...but if I had to choose between in state and out of state tuition...well, it's pretty clear to me.
    I'm a little nervous but looking forward to this transition. It was back in 96 that I shadowed the SLP and I'm so happy that I get to do it now. I'm not too far behind and all of my classes transfered easily...actually, the advisor kept asking me if I wanted to do elementry education because I had just about every thing I would need...we need teachers here just as bad as nurses...but I declined..can't imagine myself with a ton of little kids running around!!