I'm a godmother!!!

  1. Just thought I would share my most excellent news with the friendly BB crew....

    One of my cousins, and my best friend, had her bub two nights ago. The news has only just caught up with me and I'm a little disappointed I couldn't be there for the birth. Little bub, yet to be named, couldn't wait till August 5th so she popped out by C-section. My cousin wasn't impressed, she was looking forward to the old-fashioned "grunt'n'groan, blame your partner and scream your jolly lungs out" birth. Personally, when it's my turn, give me all the drugs I can safely have and bring on the gas!!! Both mum and bub are doing okay, although bub is still in special care for observation for another 24hrs.

    I figured with all the doom and gloom of late, the board could use some good news! Bubbly is on me!!!!
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  3. by   delirium
    Best wishes to new momma and baby and to new godmomma too....
    (See, I'm resisting the urge to do a computerized godfather impression... aren't y'all proud of me?)
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Woohooo Congratulations to you! That is wonderful news!