If you had your choice would you change time sheets?

  1. I mean would you be willing to agree to a time sheet / schedule or what you call it,. to a contract for certain days a year at a time. So you'd be employee # 34567 who will work every other w/e, and tues, th, fri...for a year at a time.

    I did this in a former life and it worked great, I mean I knew what day I would have off next june.
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  3. by   dansamy
    Yes, I would. I prefer a set schedule, even with rotating weekends. I can plan my around the days I know I'm going to be working. I can take a Thurs/Fri as vacation days on my weekend off and have a 4-day mini vacation. (5 if you count Monday.)
  4. by   elizabeth321
    That is what I work...Mon and tues with one job...wed thurs with my other....life is good!

  5. by   BJLynn
    I have had a set schedule for the past year.:spin: The schedule itself sucks , but knowing what I'll work when is nice.
  6. by   AfloydRN
    It's so hard to have a set schedule w/ little ones , I prefer to work different days each week. Keeps the variety.