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I awoke tonite ... unable to sleep any longer..so of course I came to check out the BB. I was even more awake...as I read the flaming thread, as I'm sure you all know ....still continues on...and ... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Originally posted by Susy K

    What a nice thread and I agree. It is hard to express things, even verbally, so written material is even harder. I try very hard to select my words carefully for that very reason.

    On a different note, I couldn't help but notice that Renee changed her username to Cheerfuldoer. Why? I was so confused for a bit because some threads list Renee Williams as the last poster, but then she wasn't there and it was Cheerfuldoer instead. I only figured it out because I noticed ALL the posts were changed, and the ones that I KNOW were Renee are now Cheerfuldoer.

    Please, I get confused easily.
    Early this morning, I requested that I be allowed to use my AOL handle name "cheerfuldoer" instead of my REAL name. Brian was kind enough to comply with my request, so he -- himself -- made the change on my behalf. I am still me, and I will still type my first name after my post. I would be more than happy to share with you as to why I made the request of Brian, but this is not the place to do that. Feel free to send a "PM" to me, if you desire to know. Thanks for asking about me, Suzy K.
  2. by   live4today
    Brownie, your thread is great, and so eloquently written, too!
    You said a lot of what many might think, but not take time to write about here. Thanks for saying much of what many of us feel sincere about in our own lives! Happy Easter to you and your family! :kiss

    Happy Easter everyone! Don't eat too many eggs now! :chuckle Renee
  3. by   pkmom
    I think if we all met as micro pondered, we would be nicer to each other. its easy to be critical with the protection of a secret name just like its easy to cut people off when one has the "protection" of a huge SUV.