If Only every night were close to Christmas!

  1. I noticed tonight how pleasant my patients are, how patient the family members are. This Christmas Holiday, when we are close to it, in proximity of its arrival seems to make everybody act on their best behavior.

    I wish every night I worked people could be so gracious! Perhaps they are concerned if they showed any mean spirited rudeness, they'd suffer the consequences of finding a chunk of coal in their stockings! Possibly you've noticed the same behavioral modifier happening at your workplace too....

    Now if you work retail, that's entirely a different matter!

    Merry Christmas to everybody!
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  3. by   FireStarterRN
    Hmmmmm, I noticed yesterday how chaotic it was, how sick the patients were, how cranky the hospitalist was, and how much our healthcare system sucks. I also was reminded of how staffing gave my the scheduling shaft and how much I resent the management of my hospital.

    Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!!!:icon_frown::icon_mad::icon_twisted:
  4. by   Tweety
    I think as the day appraoches and stress is less then people will be more peaceful. However, this past week I've noticed an upswing in grouchy patients and families. Families in paticular are impatient waiting for doctors, nurses and discharge because they have so much on their plates right now and dealing with an injured/sick family member adds to it. So I'm not feeling the spirit right now.

    Also from a moderator perspective there's been an increase in the number of reported posts the last week or so.

    fa la la la la la la la la la!
  5. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Oh well, I guess I've been blessed with people in good humor or my people person compass is really off! I don't know. But thanks for both of your honest replies to my post.
  6. by   ktwlpn
    Lucky you-you really have been blessed.Sadly it's just the opposite at my facility,on the roads and in the stores.I can understand that many of our elderly residents are down this time of year but they seem to believe that misery loves company and are determined to spark conflict with peers and staff every chance they get.
    I did not interact with many visitors last week and the few I met were in good spirits and I'm hoping that continues. I work tomorrow and Christmas day and the older I get the more trouble I have with the "customer is always right" philosophy in today's healthcare system.Don't come in to our facility once a year and raise bloody hell because you feel guilty and you realize how badly Momma or Daddy has declined since your last annual visit.I have 20 some other residents that need to be cared for and I might just loose patience with YOU.
    Getting to and from work is also more of a challenge.I have seen a marked increase in really careless driving and road rage.I really don't want to get slaughtered and ruin the holiday for my family.
    As for shopping-I have NOT been in a department store this year-no malls,no way .I LOVE the internet.I'm hearing the horror stories from everyone else and have limited my trips to groceries and that has been bad enough.
    O-I almost forgot-CO-WORKERS... Christmas comes the same day every years-why do some people always act surprised and wonder how it snuck up on them? If you stay up all night wrapping thousands of dollars worth of expensive electronics for your brats leave the attitude at the door when you come to work in the AM.
    Vent over...Dig these crazy paragraphs,ya'll...Happy Holidays!
  7. by   2bnursenikki82
    I'm low girl on the totem pole and I keep getting VO'd for low patient census!
  8. by   jnette
    hmmm... my patients are ALWAYS gracious, sweet, thoughtful, and kind.

    Neener. :Holly2: