1. do you know anything about Idiopathic Erythema Nodosum? Is this an autoimmune thing? and is it chronic/ or acute. I couldn't figure out which specialty board to post this on
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  3. by   Brownms46
    Dear WalMart_ADN,

    Erythema Nodosum is an acute inflammatory or immunological response to various agents in which erythmetous nodules form in the subcutaneous tissue. A form of 'panniculitis, or inflammation of subcutaneous fat tissue. Erythema Nodosum presents as painful, loosely demarcated nodular lesions.

    The condition is sometimes thought to be caused by Strep, TB, Sarcoid, fungal infections, IBD, drug reactions to sulfas, B/C pills, Bromides, iodines, and can even be d/t to pregnancy. But half the time cause is unknown. The condition is self -limiting, acute and not chronic. It can disappear in on it's own when the cause is removed, or with use of Antinflamatory drugs, painkiller for painful nodules, ice, and plenty of rest.

    I warned about this condition as I have Sarcoid. So far no problems yet in over 23yrs.

    This is a treatable condition, but must be dx with bx to rule out other conditions that minic it.

    I hope this helps.

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