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If we the Nurses could plan a perfect hospital what would you include? i am dying to hear what people want especially as i feel that although Nurses are involved in planning hospital services... Read More

  1. by   Overland1
    Originally posted by ERNurse752
    My hospital "network" is opening up a brand new hospital, and the docs put their own orders into the computer - no transcribing.

    On the floors, instead of curtains, they have special windows where at the flip of a switch, they fog over allowing for privacy.

    All the beds have cardiac chair capability - no more sliding pts over, placing lines and ETT's at risk of being yanked...

    I'm not sure about the other units, but in the SICU (CVRR), there is a computer/monitor in the breakroom, so that you could watch your pt or chart and actually get away from the unit somewhat.

    They have the little call light/cellphone thingies...

    Major drawback; no nurses' stations. They have little computer stations every couple of rooms or so...

    Now if we could just have clone nurses, so they could do the work while we went out and had some fun...
    Physician Order Entry.... that is what we are looking into where I work. We have Meditech (Mediwreck?) and the docs are just starting to get accustomed to some of its features.

    The "fogging" windows are a great idea. I saw those on a new Horton (who?) ambulance a couple of years ago. That would make sense in-house as well.

    Having the terminal in a break room is not a bad idea, either. We never have sufficient terminals, but are looking into some type of wireless "tablet" system for the ICU.

    Cloning nurses? There are some who we could several more copies of.... same goes for some of the docs....... Send In the Clones...........
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    There ought to be clones
  3. by   emily_mom
    Maybe you should clarify yourself before making such a asinine comment.
  4. by   frannybee
    Originally posted by emily_mom
    Maybe you should clarify yourself before making such a asinine comment.
    And maybe you should stop being so damned quick to make nasty comments :angryfire

    Send in the clowns/
    There ought to be clowns

    Very well-known song by Steven Sondheim, I would have thought that you'd know it. Switch clowns for clones and there you have not only my post, but the post before it also which prompted my response. The little word 'sings' with an asterix on either side denotes that the poster is singing.

    Is that clear enough for you now?
  5. by   emily_mom
    If you would care to read the previous posts, I obviously wasn't talking to you. Read a thread before bashing someone. Get over yourself.

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    Simma down na! (from SNL)

  7. by   emily_mom
    Who said the thing about a full moon?? I just don't understand WTF is up with some people lately....
  8. by   Heather333
    (^not talkin' about you Kristy)

    Must be, cause there sure seem to be a lot of a**es showing themselves lately.

  9. by   emily_mom
    Hmmm, you've noticed that too? I thought it was just me..... I'm ovulating...and my eggs make me feisty....
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    Well, was going to offer an opinion, but think I`ll wait....for a month or so.......................
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    still like to know what a cardiac chair is?


  12. by   Charity

    Some ICU beds convert into a chair, so one doesn't have to stage a half hour goat roping to get your patient into the bedside chair tid. They can even "walk" in place if you trust housekeeping to keep the floor clean enough, which is another thead entirely.

  13. by   RN2B2005
    Frannybee, thanks for bringing me a little chuckle.

    Now I have that stupid song stuck in my head, along with an image of that Raelian nutbar, Jean-Pierre Whatever. "Send in the clones..."

    British Student, your comment was dry, witty, and very funny...all of which was lost on the posters who accused you of being a lousy nurse prospect or worse. To those who DIDN'T 'get it', SHE WAS BEING FACETIOUS.

    Don't be so damnedly quick to take offence ("Oh my God! She thinks we should get rid of the patients! I think I'll tell her off!"). If you had actually THOUGHT about what British Student wrote, you'd be laughing--I mean, duh.

    First off, it wouldn't be possible to eliminate patients altogether...anymore than it would be possible to clone nurses or doctors. Second, British Student went on to suggest that eliminating doctors would solve the problem of sick people--no doctors to make diagnoses, no diagnoses made, no sick people. This would be your clue that she was kidding, if you missed it the first time around (which you did). Hear that ringing sound? It's the freakin' clue phone. Answer it.

    Finally, if you inadvertently offend someone (say, Frannybee), APOLOGISE. Don't make some stupid comment about how the offended person is obviously an idiot and should have known that your nasty comment was directed to someone else. This doesn't help.

    And as for the topic....I'm a big fan 24-hour cafeteria service. I worked at a hospital with that sort of service--including floor delivery--and it was FABULOUS, you could order your lunch for a preset time and voila! there it was.:kiss