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Recently, my nurse manager 'leaked' out some extremely personal confidential information of mine to another staff member. I had taken a brief leave of absence, and had told only my nurse manager why... Read More

  1. by   MollyJ
    My advice (for what it is worth).

    Wait a little longer. This is a "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me," situation and if this gal gets caught/embarassed in front of administration AGAIN they are not going to be merciful. In fact, her sudden desire to "return to the bedside" may signify that she recognizes this very fact.

    Time may show you that things are also not going to improve and then you can skee-daddle. Litigating with your employer seems short sighted, not because it may not be warranted but because it changes everything for ever. And maybe the system will be self-correcting.

    As a doc I once worked with used to say, "Try a little Tincture of Time."
  2. by   moonchild20002000
    Sorry you have the nm from h###! I don't think you should be the one to leave. If the nm takes a staff nurse position I have a feeling things will work out. I don't know what else you could do at this point.Hang in there ,as my mom always says"What goes around comes around".
  3. by   Hypoxic Pixel Eyes
    Hoolahan "you sank my battleship!",
    I was just going to suggest catching the spider in their own web.
    An appropriate analogy can be drawn from a method of eliminating an ant colony.
    Since an ant colony can't be eliminated till the queen is. A bait that has a chemical coating that the queen of the colony will consume is placed along the route the ants use to find supplies for the colony. in short order the queen consumes this bait thinking it is supplied by her own workers,so what could it hurt. The queen dies and the colony finds another queen(hopefuly far away) to serve.
    You of course, play the role of the Pest Controller. In placing the "bait" first make sure that it mimics the desired tastie morsel without seeming "to good to be true". Lay it along the supply trail(Blabbermouth #2) and DOCUMENT.If you feel that B#2 would be tipped off if you deliver the "bait"(It'll never work twice even with these morons) choose one confidant(150% sure they are "in") that is respected as much as you are and have them spill the beans. Both of you agree to keep your mouths shut!
    Can you think of a "bait" that this slug(maybe you could just pour salt on them)would then present to an administrator that dislikes them almost as much as you do?
    Imagine their reaction when the light is turned on and they run for cover

    All this revenge fantasy aside, until this BM..uh..NM is gone they are useless to you since they can never be trusted again to represent your best interest in any of their functions on your behalf. You have lost the benefit of an NM untill they get themselves fired. This will continue to affect you, not them,untill they are fired. You not only had your trust violated, but are now also expected to go to this BM....opps..NM with any other problem that calls for their judgement? I think not.

    Before going off to battle read the rules of engagement(policy) regarding your rights and conditions that must be met for dismissal and the NM's responsibilities towards universal confidentiallity. ie o they reveal to other than "need to know personnel" the juicy tidbits that are in pt charts.
    Keep in mind that it's probably difficult to find those willing to be an NM and the administration is likely reluctant to terminate them. Perhapse you are a candidate that could fill that position in a timely manner. You will need to referrence their own Policy and Procedure manual to make a case and also make it difficult for them to vindicate.

    WARNING: Do not operate heavy machinery or drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of the mind numbing drivel in an Policy and Procedure manual!
    It is for that reason that you may want to retain legal counsel.
    You could also simply wait until the old fat queen dies of "natural causes" but by then many more nurses will have been violated and in the time frame that takes, you will essentially be without a functioning NM.
    At any rate make sure you are "by the book" and it is the same "book" that administration that could fire that "weakest link" reads.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   JennieBSN
    Thanks, Moon!!
  5. by   imaRN
    I would recommend to go forward with checking out the legal aspect of this. You have to have your rights protected. How many others have left due to this kind of situation?And your leaving is not helping anyone,(especially you)in your unit.Sometimes it is easier to "rollover" but it doesn't fix anything.I realize it will not be easy, but is it easy or good for you to "put up and shut up?" This is why: I was in a situation that I was verbally abused by a doc that I work with, in front of other resident docs and med students in a patients room!(they all laughed at the docs comments,) Is this the kind of modeling we want for our future docs? I told my boss and NOTHING ever happened! In a meeting later I brought it up with our hosp. DON ( my boss was there too)and then she(my boss) was so "sorry", that she just "let it go in one ear and out the other" I have learned my lesson!Next time, and unfortunately there will be a next time,even though I do not have a personal problem with this doc, I will put it in writing. These are the kinds of situations that people leave our field over. We all have to help and keep nursing a RESPECTED PROFESSION.Believe me I wish I had it ALL to do over, because you see I was also orienting a RN(new to our hosp) to our unit.What a poor example of self respect I gave to that RN. Good Luck and I hope you can do what is "right for You".....imaRN