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I have seen TONS of people who have said "nursing is my second, third or fourth career." As I have become more and more curious I was wanting to start a thread to see what areas and walks of life all... Read More

  1. by   Sarah Bellum
    I've had a long and distinguished career of meaningless and low paying clerk and customer service type jobs. Most of the last 10 years I have been a stay at home mom. Now I'm a part time student taking prereqs to start nursing school in the fall!
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  2. by   Queakous
    Waitress, construction worker, gas station manager, thug, truck driver, office manager, plant nursery manager, auto parts counter person, special ed teacher, algerbra tutor, SAHM, and now an RN. Have to say I like the latter the best.
  3. by   Classic_1956
    I was an administrative assistant, horse groomer, trail guide and Boy Scount Council person before nursing. I did the career ladder thing and received my RN license last July after 7 yrs.
  4. by   tagepg1
    I did medical billing for several years, became a nurse, worked in a nursing home for 4 1/2 years, swored I'd never become a nurse again, did medical billing again, started going to school to become a programmer, worked doing technical support, then came back to nursing and realized that is where my heart is. Now I'm working on my BSN and graduating in June 2008.

  5. by   mvanz9999
    I have a degree in performing arts and spent the last 12 years as a system administrator.
  6. by   MisfonzRN
    I always tell people I was a Nursing Home Administrator in my previous life. I went into it thinking I could change the world and really make a difference in the resident's lives. As it turned out, it's all about business. One day in the shower it just hit me like a ton of bricks (I call it Divine intervention) that I should go to nursing school. It was a huge undertaking, especially since, at the time, my husband was ready to have children. I went to school and was, frankly, bored. That was until my last class, Critical Care. From that time on I knew exactly where I belonged, at the bedside of the critically ill or dying patient. That's where you can really make a difference, at the bedside. I really wish I would have started out in nursing years ago.
  7. by   Kevin RN08
    I joined the Navy right out of High School and worked in Financial/Supply/Logistics. Prior to my getting out after 20 years I was taking pre-reqs and considering Nursing and Teaching. After I got out I worked for a Railroad Contractor as an administrator/ accounts payable/ operations assistant for 15 months, then as a Navy civilian for another year as a Financial Programs Analyst.
    The straw that broke the camel's back was the "more with less" direction the office was taking, 3+ hours commuting every day, and frustration of being hired for my experience but not given any authority.
    After 15 years of preaching to "my guys" that "If you're gonna get out plan to use your benefits, you paid into the GI Bill for a reason, USE IT!" I then got the same words from an old buddy (one of "my guys"). I applied to an ADN program and got in (first try!), that was a year ago, I am stoked and only have 54 weeks to graduation!
    Now, with 20/20 hindsight, I realize that with GI Bill, my pension, and household sacrifices (with wifey's support!), I probably shouldn't have wasted the 2+ years.
    I know the honeymoon may not last forever but, I've only got 20 years, or so, to work! I'd have never thought I'd do 20 in the Navy ... I did, now to knock out these next 20 and ride off into the sunset.
  8. by   sallers
    I was a local authority manager who was paid very well compared to nursing for half the responsibility. However working with a hierachy of massive egos proved too much. I am now in my third year as a student with one year to go and loving it. I am in my element and hope this will continue to feel the same when I qualify. I am hoping to work in the US at some point and would love to compare with british working ways.
  9. by   Debbyinmo
    I was a paralegal before becoming a nursing student.

    I have seen the legal side of our occupation, and all I can say is. . .document, document, document!
  10. by   misty2004
    20 yrs as technician in Canadian Forces, worked mainly in IT/IS.
    Tired of working in electronics/computer field, ready for career change!
  11. by   Dalzac
    Lets' see,
    soudered PC boards (put little capasitors and transister and anodes on plastic boards for computers and other electronic devices)
    Plastic injection mold operator
    Grocery clerk
    and Assistant to a woman that ran 5 strip joints. That was an interesting job
  12. by   rainbowrider79
    I was a water well driller, accountant's assistant, medical claims processor, administrative assistant, and a stay-at-home mom. No matter how long I was at a job, I never made more than $2 over minimum wage.
  13. by   luvmy2angels
    I was a CNA for 18 years before getting my LPN.